Top 10 Products Essential for Your Care and Wellness

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Nowadays, we are not able to afford to take care of our health due to work, other daily responsibilities and so on.

But in any case, we must protect our wellness against ongoing changes.

Mexten lists the Top 10 Products Essential for You Care and Wellness.


Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Sonic Electric Toothbrush prevents tooth decay. Fresh breath improves gum health. This product is 6 times cleaner than manual brushing. USA DuPont material toothbrush head, comfort and no hurting your teeth. The toothbrush has a feature of 30 seconds pausing reminder with 3 Speed Adjustment Modes-Clean, Soft, White.



Sonic Electric Toothbrush-$48.95

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Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

It has a feature of natural anti-bacterial effects of charcoal. It is made from sustainably harvested bamboo. This toothbrush is only ever sent in recycled packaging – so it’s friendly right from the get-go. The bristles are infused with charcoal (yep, bamboo charcoal) in order to take advantage of charcoal’s naturally anti-bacterial and cleansing properties. Charcoal mixtures are used traditionally and medicinally for cleaning and whitening teeth.



Natural Bamboo Toothbrush-$9.99

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Anti Snoring Solution

It is a surprising product, which could Reduce Effectively snoring, allowing the user to hold their natural provision of a dream. It works, just preventing the air stream filtering from your mouth. Your chin firmly in the situation of stability encourages breathing through your nose. The anti-snoring Belt of the Chin is made of High-quality Material so that it was very long. It is easy to correspond, carry and support!



Anti Snoring Solution-$29.99

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Spiral Ear Cleaner

Swabs can be dangerous to use when removing earwax. We recommend this Spiral Ear Cleaner rather that cotton swabs since swabs can cause pain or push wax deeper into your ear. Simply twist the handle and the soft, flexible tip with spiral grooves easily removes the earwax. Disposable tips are very easy to discard. Simply to throw away the used tip.

spiral ear cleaner



Spiral Ear Cleaner-$9.99





Natural Hair Growth Solution with Essential Oil

Hair can become, thicker, longer and fuller within 30 days of use. However, results can be seen within the first 2 weeks of treatment on the scalp because of the 13 active organics ingredients which include; Ginseng, Chinese Knotweed, Grape Seed Oil, and Ginger. Women’s Natural Fast Hair Growth Solution with Essential Oil comes in a 20ml. bottle and works by naturally activating dormant hair follicle germ tissue on the scalp as well as blocking DHT production, thus promoting rapid growth and nourishment of hair due to its unique organic ingredients.



Natural Hair Growth Solution with Essential Oil – $12.95

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Eyelash Enhance Serum

Eyelash Enhance Serum is an all natural and powerful eyelash growth enhancing serum made to deliver dramatically rapid growth of eyelashes. The eyelashes will get longer, thicker and fuller within 2 weeks of usage. You won’t need to pile on layers of mascara to achieve beautiful lashes and brows. The key to unlocking your lashes’ potential can be found in our gentle yet effective formula. It is designed to help you achieve naturally lush and thick lashes and brows in a safe and healthy way.



Eyelash Enhance Serum – $13.95

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Pressure Point Therapy Massager

Powerful massaging; provides instant relief for tight achy muscles and stiff necks. Massage, squeeze and knead away all tensions and pain! It is designed to feel exactly like a massage therapist’s hands. Featuring two soft yet firm silicon gulf-like balls, deeply penetrating the muscles for instant relief of knots and tight achy muscles.



Pressure Point Therapy Massager – $19.95

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Volcanic Clay Coffee Slimming Soap Bar

Coffee Slimming Soap Bar contains proven natural ingredients with fruity extracts for all skin types. The soap is formulated on the basis of natural fruity extracts such as lemon, mulberry, apple extract. The volcanic mud has a strong sebum absorption capacity, which can deeply remove the skin oil and make the skin refreshing and clean. This volcanic Soap Bar helps to promote microcirculation in the body and accelerate the decomposition of fat cells to exclude the body.

Top 10 Products Essential You Care Wellness



Volcanic Clay Coffee Slimming Soap Bar – $17.95

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Quick Hair Styler for Men

Quick Hair Styler for Men has a great grip since it is designed and manufactured by measuring men’s average hand size. It helps to volumize top hair(Slowly comb top hair from the front towards the back), Flatten side hair(Slowly comb side hair from top to bottom), Straighten curly hair(Slowly comb the entire hair from front to back)Set at optimum temperature for hair(Set at 120℃ which is the optimum temperature for hair condition). The power indicating light(15-Second preheating/On: red light turns on).

skin care products




Quick Hair Styler for Men – $32.95

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Neck Stretcher

Neck Stretcher helps to promote positive blood flow, stretch out your neck, and release the stress, a great way to minimize headaches, reduce neck and shoulder pain, and improve sleep quality, also a healthy way recommended by doctors. This traction unit is small and portable, so you can take it with you anywhere. Anytime you need to relieve some pain, in just 10 minutes or less it will relieve your neck pain.

skin care products




Neck Stretcher – $23.95

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Natural Candling Earwax Removal & Treatment

The wax release the natural aroma of beeswax while complimenting the therapeutic experience! Non-Toxic / All Natural: All-natural ingredients make for a clean, even, slow-burning flame with little to no ash or debris. The material used to craft these exceptional candles is all-natural which makes it durable and perfect for long-term use. It is composed of pure essential oils and heavy-duty wax which is why it is not only safe to use but is enduring as well.



Natural Candling Earwax Removal & Treatment – $13.95

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Spotless Skin Brightening Oil

Spotless Skin Brightening Oil is made of natural plant extracts and filled with antioxidants and essential fatty acids the promote healthy skin regeneration, detoxification, and moisturization. This product deeply penetrates into the skin for effective skin moisturizing and detoxification. You can enjoy the healthy skin benefits of pure natural essential oils blended in this Spotless Skin Brightening Oil.

Spotless Skin Brightening Oil




Spotless Skin Brightening Oil – $12.95

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Skin Tag Remover

Skin tags are small and soft growths that naturally hang off the skin and although they’re commonly harmless They’re definitely not very flattering! Here’s a topical remedy that can get rid of these unsightly skin tags. It is made of homeopathic ingredients that are safe and gentle on the skin!


Skin tag remover




Skin Tag Remover – $13.95

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Nano Teeth Whitening Kit

Nano Teeth Whitening Kit is made of new nanotechnology, internal nanometer structure design and can absorb automatic tooth surface tartar.It does not contain any chemical cleaning agent, non-toxic, harmless, super potency. The fine soft material, water for simple clean, no scratches, make your teeth more healthy, beautiful and white.

nano teeth whitening kit



Nano Teeth Whitening Kit – $16.95

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