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Art Supplies and Gifts for Artists

People dealing with art including decorating, embroidering, drawing, painting, sketching, lettering and etc. are considered difficult to understand, hard to please but great persons! No matter if it is a special day or not, you can always make your creative and artistic friends happy by surprising them with inexpensive but amazing gifts listed below.


Art Supplies – LED Lighted Magnetic Drawing Board

One of the innovative tool to ease artists’ work and save their time, Drawing Board is on Mexten! Made from harmless lights for eyesight, this is the best and easy way to copy, transfer or trace any image on paper. In addition, it is one of the effective way to learn drawing for kids and adults. Magnetic Drawing Board is ideal gift for artists for easing their stenciling, 2D Animation, Calligraphy, Tattoo Transferring, Sketching, Drawing so on and so forth.



LED Lighted Magnetic Drawing Board – $28.90

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Magic Embroidery Pen

With this Magic Embroidery Pen, needle punching or snitching is now a lot easier. Made with special design, it is easy to handle comfortably.  This pen has wide applications that it can be used for every purpose including clothing, pillowcases, pillowcases, purses, wall hangings, totes, table cloths and other commonly used household items. Buy now and let your or loved one’s stress go away with punching needle by the Magic Embroidery Pen!



Magic Embroidery Pen – $16.90

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Watercolor Brush Pen Sets

Watercolor Brush Pen Set is not sold in stores, and it is a perfect gift for an art lover friend! Consisted of 20 different colors, watercolor set is ideal for comics, lettering, calligraphy, watercolor painting, journaling, doodling, sketching and etc!  Moreover, its non-toxic, odorless and washable features allows children to create their art and discover their inner artistic soul without leaving a mess.



Art Supplies – Watercolor Brush Pen Sets – $39.95

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Quill Feather Calligraphy Pen Set

Quill Feather Calligraphy Pen Set is an ideal gift for art lettering and calligraphy lover! Made from natural swan feather with excellent hardness and toughness, its elegant, antique and unique design make a luxury and vintage atmosphere. Comes with 6 different nibs, this calligraphy pen is suitable for different use.



Quill Feather Calligraphy Pen Set – $41.95

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Anti Dust Respirator Mask

This Respirator Mask is the most necessary equipment that a spray painter needs. While spray painting, the artist must wear a mask in order to protect herself/himself from poisonous air, if not the toxic air causes eye itching & burning, nose & throat $ skin irritation, dizziness, headache & nausea, fatigue, hallucination, lack of coordination & delusion an etc. This Anti Dusk Respirator Mask is comfortable and easy way to protect yourself from toxic air. In addition, this product works not only for spray painting, but also for filtering small dust, mists, metallic fumes, chemicals and etc. perfectly.




Art Supplies – Anti Dusk Respirator Mask – $19.99

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Art Supplies – Colored Pencils

From kids to adults, making art with Colored Pencils is enjoyable. This color set is made from high quality wood and vivid bright colors allow you to add great details and shades to your art work. Its black wood and package is elegant; ideal for sketching, drawing, blending & shading, it is a perfect gift for both kids and adults.



Colored Pencils – $19.99

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Portable Painting Color Kit

This Portable Painting Color Kit is an ideal gift for a watercolor artist! Lightweight and easy paint access allow you to paint whenever and wherever you want without making mess and carrying heavy equipment. Rich pigment with high quality watercolors will amaze you! After buying this, you will never miss a moment of inspiration. Moreover, comes in different size with its special brush, all you need is to fill the brush with water.



Portable Painting Color Kit – $41.97 – $57.97

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Paint By Number

Comes with its acrylic paints, three different sized brushes, and pre-printed art canvas, this DIY Paint By Number is an ideal gift for all ages! Non-toxic and odorless acrylic paints are safe for use. In addition, it not not only good for learning painting, but also pro-artists can use as a hobby. Beside painting activity, it will also be an ideal piece of home decoration.



 Paint By Number – $34.97

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Metallic Paint Pens

Metallic Paint Pens are ideal way to add an elegance to light and dark surfaces. These metallic pens are perfect to add metallic sparkles for crafts and paints. In addition, it is non-toxic and very safe for child use without offensive odor.




Metallic Paint Pens – $9.95

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Art Supplies – 3D Drawing Pen

When you want to have a break from hard work, and you inspired to do art work, this 3D Drawing Pen is ideal for you! For better work, increasing your creativity and spatial thinking ability at work, doing 3D drawing is the best way. Safe and easy to use, you draw in the air; additionally, you can control its speed and colors. In addition, it is also great as a gift to give your co-workers, friends, and children.



3D Drawing Pen – $109.95

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