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unique gifts

Have you ever spent many hours, even days on what gift to buy for your loved one including family members, best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, and got stuck? Mexten has thought of this issue and created a list of unique gifts to give to your loved ones without thinking twice. Here are top 10 gifts to buy for both special or ordinary days!


Unique Gifts – Black Poker Cards

Black Diamond Playing Cards is an ideal gift for card lovers including magicians or players! Made of high quality, non-fade durable material, this card is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and flexible. Its luxury design and details make the cards very elegant. Purchase now for a card-lover friend and let them remember you whenever they play or show a magic!



Unique Gifts – Black Poker Cards – $12.95 

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Foil Plated Rose Flower

There is no need for special time, day, or occasion to give roses to your mom, girlfriend or wife, sister and etc. This Foil Plated Rose Flowers are wonderful choice to make your loved one happy and pleased. The material of roses are made of durable gold foil that will never fade or get pale. Since roses have always been a symbol of love, beauty and appreciation, do not think even one second to buy for your loved one!



Unique Gifts – Foil Plated Rose Flower – $23.97

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Unique Gifts – Dungeons and Dragons Dice

And the numbers that are engraved above won’t fade easily. Suitable for family gatherings and festivals, playing with children and widely used for role playing games, math games or anything else, it is one of the present type that fits for all. In addition, these polyhedral acrylic dices have clear figures on each side, and the clear figures are as large as possible on each face for easy reading. Dungeons and Dragon Dice is an ideal gift for your family member, children and friends.



Dungeons and Dragons Dice – $12.95

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Enchanted Rose Flower Lamp

If you know a friend who loves the movie “Beauty and the Beast”, purchase Enchanted Rose Flower Lamps without thinking even a second! This eye-catching lamp will add an extra elegance to your room and will make magical atmosphere. Perfect present for Beauty and the Beast fans, this is made of high quality materials and led lights!



Enchanted Rose Flower Lamp – $49.25

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Magic Growing Tree

Real love takes time to grow as this Magic Growing Tree. Will add to beauty to your room, this Magic Growing Tree is very simple to construct. It will start to grow in 30 minutes and fully bloom after 24 hours. Comes with instruction and illustrations, it is ideal gift for all ages! Purchase now and let the colorful flowers fills your room with beauty!



Magic Growing Tree – $14.99

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Natural Oyster Pearl Necklace

Symbol of the health, love, wisdom, and wealth, a lot of people have a belief that the Pearl gives them luck and increases their mood. Make a wish, wait for growing the pearl with patient, and let the wish come true and enjoy the luck that the pearl will bring to you! Perfect and unique present for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthday and etc., your loved ones including mom, girl friend, daughter and others will be amazed!



Natural Oyster Pearl Necklace – $17.95

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Unique Gifts – Luminous Geometric Backpack

Everyone around you will adore and compliment on this unique Luminous Geometric Backpack! One of the best choices of unique gifts to give to a teenage girl, or a woman, this backpack is also practical and ideal for daily use, traveling, and etc. Made of high quality and durable material, this backpack changes its colors as it catches lights from different angels; and its colors changes differently at night and day light!



Luminous Geometric Backpack – $57.95

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Women Starry Sky Watch

Starry Sky Watch will look gorgeous on your mom’s, girl friend’s or sister’s hand! Made of high quality material, its design is super unique: the stars will look and shine differently from different views and lights. Moreover, it is ideal for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day so on, and so forth. Comes with a gift box, it is a perfect present to surprise your loved ones.



Women Starry Sky Watch – $85.95

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Luxury Led Key Chain

Are you looking for a gift for a friend who bought new car and you do not know what to buy? Carefully crafted with K9 Crystal, this Key Chain is a luxury gift. This Led Key Chain is a best choice for a car lover or car owner. More than ten car brand logos are available for a choice. Moreover, it comes with its luxury box that makes it perfect gift!



Luxury Led Key Chain – $16.95 – $18.95

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Have you ever watched the movie Inception and had your mind blowed at the last scene? This little Top is very fascinating; if you spin once you will never want to put it down. Purchase it for your Inception fan friend, or yourself and see how you will be pleased and stunned while watching it spinning!



Unique Gifts – LIMBO The Magical Top – $12.95

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