The Best Toys for Kids in 2021

A toy is an item that is used in play, especially one designed for such use. Playing with toys can be an enjoyable means of training young children for life in society. Different materials like wood, clay, paper, and plastic are used to make toys.

Kids today can get virtually any plaything their little heart’s desire by jumping online. And yet, years ago, before mega toy stores and Internet shopping, kids found plenty of ways to entertain themselves. Children have been playing with rag dolls, slingshots, sewing cards, and wooden hoops. Most of these playthings were made by either the kids themselves or the grown-ups who loved them.

Even though we don’t have to make toys for kids anymore, there are still plenty of good reasons to buy toys for your children and Now you can be ordered them on Mexten!


Toys for Kids – Flappy Peek-a-Boo Elephant

An Adorable Singing Animated Plush with Two Different Play Modes!

Animated flappy elephant plush toy can play the peek-a-boo game with child and Ears flap during play to delight baby. Play, sing, and language learning together, fun for children’s early education. Kids can not only play the cute toy with parents but also play with themselves! Press the left foot to play an interactive game of peek-a-boo, and the right to hear the song ‘Do Your Ears Hang Low’ in a cute child’s voice. Ears move and flap during play. This cute elephant toy is a great gift for baby children. This gift will help kids build fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and enhance creativity while keeping them entertained for hours! Perfect birthday gifts, Christmas presents, baby shower.


Flappy Peek-a-Boo Elephant –  $29.95

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Little Wooden Train Decor for Christmas

Make your kids Christmas time memorable and full of fun!

It is a nice gift idea or teaching reward for kids and children. Chic design and attractive color give you a wonderful visual enjoyment, making your Christmas time memorable and full of fun. Widely used at kindergarten, stores, offices, hotels and restaurant, bars, etc, perfect decor for Christmas, wedding, engagement, anniversary, party.

Beautiful and cute tiny train design, ideal to decor Christmas tree to light up the festive atmosphere and make your home a new fresh look. There are “snowman”, “gift” on the train, make a strong Christmas atmosphere for your family


Little Wooden Train Decor for Christmas – $12.95

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Crazy Marble Tracks

The Crazy Marble Tracks encourage toddlers to unleash their creative side which is important for a child’s development.

The toy helps the children develop their curiosity, shape recognition, and their creative & imagination senses. Compatible with Lego Duplo Blocks, the Crazy Marble Tracks won’t only keep your toddler entertained but you may find yourself joining in with them too.



Crazy Marble Tracks $29.95 – $59.95

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Construction Vehicles Toys

Realistic details and functions encourage imaginative play!

The model’s tires and tracks are made of high-quality rubber, durable and without odor. The 360-degree rotating table and flexible joints allow the children to feel the real working process of the truck during the playing process. And also the annually rotating joints can exercise your child’s finger skills. Allows the children to have fun to gain exercise and gain knowledge during the play. The construction of our entire model is very beautiful. Whether it is the main part of the body or the swing arm, the bucket part, all of them are made of a good quality alloy. The model’s tires and tracks are made of high-quality rubber, durable and without odor. High-quality materials that ensure the time of use of the product while allowing children to have fun in a safe environment.


Construction Vehicles Toy – $49.95

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Toys for Kids – Walking Singing Unicorn

These walking singing unicorns are so adorable, they would make the perfect gift for any child, or unicorn lover! 

Plush unicorn toy with fully animated features. When activated, the unicorn trots forwards, making the occasional magical twinkle sound effect. This animated plush toy makes an enticing display piece that is sure to draw attention from everyone in the immediate area. Watch her trot along as she shakes her tail and wings and hear her clip pity clop and neigh! Animated unicorn plush toy, Trots forwards Magical spell-like sound effects.


Walking Singing Unicorn – $37.95

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Bubble Bath Maker

Make bubbles continuously, add fun to bath time!

Using environmental-friendly material, no poison, and no harm.  There are 12 nursery rhymes for playing and making the bath more enjoyable. Continue to bubble, add fun to the bath time. Let the children like to take a shower. Suitable as a gift for children. 


Bubble Bath Maker  $38.95 – $45.95

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Smart Teddy Bear

Enjoy hearing your kid’s giggles as he/she plays peek-a-boo with this awesome toy!

Peek-a-boo and teddy bears are two of the best things that make our babies giggly. Now imagine a teddy bear with a soft satin blanket doing a peek-a-boo game. Moms and dads, meet your kiddo’s new cuddly playmate! Smart Teddy Bear is a loveable plush toy which features moveable mouth and arms and can recite six (6) phrases. This is perfect for your newborns and toddlers as it also promotes sensory play, visual development, and social interaction.


Smart Teddy Bear – $36.97

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Cute Talking Hamster

The Cute Talking Hamster can make a lot of intelligent sounds, funny and amazing!

Its amazing talkback function repeats any sounds and languages which entertain your babies and pets. It helps your babies to develop their speaking and communication skills. Talkback function allows the hamster to repeat everything you say no matter if you laugh, sing or speak any language. It bops his head up and down automatically while talking and when you pat her. Easy to use: Switch it on and talk to it, it will mimic every word in a funny and high pitched hampster voice, records up to 6 seconds, flip the switch to the OFF position to conserve battery life when it is not being used.


Cute Talking Hamster $15.90

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Wooden Educational Toys

Have a fun with these toddler puzzles!

Matching pictures on the illustrated wooden puzzle board help make the puzzle easy to solve and fun to do, helping to build self-esteem.

Also helps develop counting and fine motor skills and color and animal recognition. Wooden Zoo Animal Kids Puzzle, Includes 11 different puzzles. Be great in a school, nursery, Child Minder, Pre-School, Church etc. Ideal gift for kids preschool teaching tool.


Wooden Educational Toys – $29.99

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Toys for Kids – Magic Puzzle Ball

It’s a lovely play toy for you and your kids as well!

Everyone is going crazy for this magic puzzle ball! It exercises your memory and hands-skills, its the perfect educational toy that will keep anyone busy! Small enough to carry in your pocket everyday, simple, discrete and fun to play everywhere, exercises your memory and hand flexibility, activate your imagination and creativity, perfect for testing your mental skills and challenging your patience. The magic cube ball helps you find new perspectives as you put your brain to use, Great for anxiety, autism, quit smoking, staying awake on long travel, etc. It is an excellent gift(Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Year’s Day etc) for everyone – boys, girls, youngsters, adults or even your lovely grandma!


Magic Puzzle Ball – $16.95

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