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Top 10 Useful Trend Gifts to Buy for Travel Lovers in 2018

Everyone at least once travels or do small trips in their life. Beside the excitement and joyful memories, some inevitable difficulties may happen if you do not pack your bag carefully and wisely. To make all the positive experiences long last, we have made a list of portable tools for you to have a memorable and comfortable trips.


Universal Travel Adapter

With this portable worldwide adapter you can simultaneously charge up to 3 devices without worrying if your charger will fit in to socket. Universal Travel Adapter is compatible with all USB devices including iOS and Android. It has both flame resistant material and safety shutters design for users’ protection. Additionally, it is designed in a way that protects devices from any possible harm.



Universal Travel Adapter – $48.90 

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Plastic Vacuum Storage Bag

Plastic Vacuum Storage Bag is the best product for your travel bags have much space. It reduces 75% of the item and creates much room in shelves, wardrobes, suitcases, basements and etc. By using this product, you can store more items, and fit anything into this vacuum bags. It is the best product for all the storage purposes.



Plastic Vacuum Storage Bag – $12.97

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Waterproof Solar Charger 

One of the common worries of travelers is to save their devices’ battery. This easy to pack up Waterproof Solar Charger is the best way to charge your dead battery anywhere in the light of sun. It has USB charging cable, and it can charge multiple devices.



Waterproof Solar Charger – $29.99

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Touch Screen MP3 Player

Since music is considered people’s best road friend, you would definitely like to have MP3 Player while traveling! With its touch screen, light and simple one button design, it will make it comfortable to use MP3 player in the dark as well. What is different from other MP3 players is that it can charge 35% battery only just in 5 minutes that will be a time-saver company to travelers.



Touch Screen MP3 Player – $58.97

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Sleeping Eye Mask 

This soft sleeping mask helps faster and deeper sleeping by blocking light. Sleeping Eye Mask naturally improves mood, energy level and enhances cognitive function. It is a good way to recover your energy after tiring travel. Its soft foam design is a must have for overnight flights and after long tiring trips.



Sleeping Eye Mask – $19.99

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Mini Smartphone Telescope 

Taking high quality photos in distance by smartphones have never been so easy! Mini Smartphone Telescope makes no need for carrying heavy cameras with travelers. It is compatible with ALL smartphones, easy to set up and use in seconds, and carry. In addition, its high quality HD lens design prevents light reflection for better view. This portable and detachable telescope is a great gift idea for travel lovers for long-distance shooting and telescope quality pictures.



Mini Smartphone Telescope – $27.99

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Waterproof Monocular Telescope

This dispensable tool for travelers helps them see brighter and clearer views in distance while traveling. Its waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof design will enable to look at the scenes in every condition and will protect from any possible damages. Waterproof Monocular Telescope is compatible with almost all smartphones: iPhone X, 8plus, 8,7plus, 7,6, 6s, 6plus, 5, 5s, 4s,SE, Samsung GALAXY S8, S6, S6 Edge, S5 , Note, LG, HTV, Sony and etc.



Waterproof Monocular Telescope – $69.95

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Travel Pillow

Travel Pillow is must have item for travelers, its soft texture and adjustable design allows you sleep in several positions. Portable and very light in weight, it will not take much space. It is easy to clean machine-washable. Train, plane, bus, car or whatever you are traveling with, Travel Pillow is necessary for travelers for resting and taking a nap on the road comfortably.



Travel Pillow – $19.95

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Pocket Wrist Wallet

Pocket Wrist Wallet is a must have accessory for travel shoppings, sports and other activities when even small bag is unnecessary load for you. You can have your phone, money, keys, cards without carrying anything on your hand. All you have to do is to place your small belongings into this light Wrist Pocket, and it will also prevent your items being lost or forgotten somewhere.



Pocket Wrist Wallet – $12.95 

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Key Finder

By using this intelligent item locator you can find your lost belongings from the distance of 10-30 meter. You can attach this little Key Finder to your phone, keys, purses ant etc. If you lost your belongings, you can easily find just pressing one button. It comes with one remote controller and five receivers; so, you can tach the receivers to five belonging at the same time.



Key Finder – $39.99 

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