TOP 10 Trend Phone Cases and Accessorizes To Have in 2021

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Almost all us have bought at least one phone case for our smartphones. Beside its main protection purpose, we want them stylish, waterproof, easily handle and etc. for comfort and ease. Thanks to innovative products, we can have phone cases that meet most of our expectation. Mexten had made a list of Portable Phone Accessorizes before, now it has made a list of p2hone cases and accessorizes that protect our smartphones from damage, and at the same time, make usage easier and convenient, and stylish and elegant. 


Backup Battery Case

This super useful Backup Battery Case is worth every penny you spend on! Comes with different colors, the case adds extra elegance to your iPhone, provides strong protection, and charges very quickly. Ideal gift to not only travelers, long shift workers, but also to your loved ones. Purchase now, protect your phone from breaks, have quick charge and classy look.



Backup Battery Case – $57.95

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Heat Sensitive Phone Case 

This Heat Sensitive Phone Case is a super cool gift to give to phone case nerds including your children. Non-toxic material and non-chemical reaction provides safety for all. Beside its cool texture, it provides strong and reliable protection for your iPhone. Moreover, it is lightweight that does not add extra weight to your phone, super thin and comfortable.



Heat Sensitive Phone Case – $12.95

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Plating Airbag Phone Holder

Plating Airbag Phone Holder provides stable one-hand operation without falling off. With this holder you can hold more than one item while holding and operation on the phone. Moreover, you do not have to worry about messy headphone cable, when you are done with listening to music, you can simply wrap the headphone cable around the holder. Compatible with most mobile devices including iPhone X /8/8p/7/7p/6/6p, Huawei, HTC, LG, Nokia, etc., it has 360 degrees free rotation that provides stability.



Plating Airbag Phone Holder – $12.95

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Magnetic Phone Case for Galaxy

Magnetic Phone Case is for those people who wants a good protection but do not like thick and visible cases. Very lightweight, 2-piece metal case protects the phone from drops, bumps, shocks, smudges and scratches.This seamless case covers perfectly Galaxy, and makes it easy to access to all ports, speakers, charges, and etc. Fits in Galaxy EDGE, Plus and Note, it is an ideal gift for Samsung lovers.



Magnetic Phone Case for Galaxy – $36.97

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Nano Suction Phone Case for iPhone

Being multifunctional, this Nano Suction Phone Case is a must have case for your iPhone. It sticks to almost anything: wood, metal, ceramic, computer screen, white board, and glass, and makes it easy to watch your phone while doing other works. In addition, it is waterproof that you can wash it when it get dirty.



Nano Suction Phone Case – $12.90

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Gameboy iPhone Case

Growing up in 90s was very special. If you want to feel one of the 90s trends, this Gameboy iPhone Case is for you! Made of high quality material, the case protects your phone, at the same time, does not let you get bored. Buy it for your old school friend and family member and let them live their childhood again!



Gameboy iPhone Case – $37.95 

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Selfie Ring Light

The Selfie Ring Light is one of the gadgets that a selfie lover must have! This Ring allows you take perfect selfies anywhere and anytime – even IN THE DARK. Moreover, it helps you have beautiful photos not only in the dark, but also in the daylight it makes your skin seems soft and smooth. It is lightweight and portable that allows you take picture wherever you go!



Selfie Ring Light – $14.40

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Magnetic Adsorption Case for iPhone X 8 PLUS 7 Plus

Made of high quality aluminum, this case provides the best protection for your iPhone. It protects your iPhone from accidental drops, bumps, unwanted marks and scratches. Furthermore, the magnetic case prevents any signal loss or connection interference. Light and stylish, this is one of the ideal gifts for iPhone holders.



Magnetic Adsorption Case – $22.95

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Mobile Gaming Trigger

The Mobile Gaming Trigger is one of the must have tools for PUBG, Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Fortnite, Survivor Royale and Critical Ops lovers to play their favorite games on Android and IOS phones. High quality design makes it durable and last long. Ideal gift to buy for your children, friends, and anyone loves playing games on smartphones.




Mobile Gaming Trigger – $11.00

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360° Magnetic Phone Holder

The 360 Degree Magnetic Phone Holder makes it possible to use your phone in every position you want with comfort. Easy to install, you will enjoy frustration-free click off, click off functionality. Made from high quality material, unlimited angles are available just simple touches. In addition, it comes with two discs that allows you use your phone with multiple devices!



360° Magnetic Phone Holder – $13.95

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