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Top 10 Kitchen Products in 2021

Whether you’re a professional chef or just an occasional cook, there are so many different cool kitchen items and tools. Those beneficial supplies make the time spent in the kitchen more interesting and enjoyable. Mexten lists its top 10 favorite kitchen products that are not only genius but also very useful!


Jar Opener – Under Kitchen Cabinet

The days of pounding jar lids, running them under hot water, and straining your wrists and fighting to open a simple jar are over! 

Its hexagonal design, with good back viscose, can be affixed to the cabinet under the table, etc. Additionally, it is convenient to open cans, tomato sauce and so on. Built-in anti-skid sawtooth, silicone bar easily unscrew cans, bottles and other bottles. There are two installation methods; viscose paste and screw installation.



Jar Opener – Under Kitchen Cabinet- $19.90

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Spoon Rest For Your Kitchen

Everyone needs the spoon rest during the cooking process!

The specific design and attractive red color will be appropriate for your kitchen and leads you to put it on your table as a decoration because of its charming appearance. In other words, the practical and useful spoon rest will not be extra in your kitchen.



Spoon Rest For Your Kitchen – $21.99

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Stretch and Fresh Reusable Food Wrap

Do you hate to dispose your foods because of not being able to keep them properly? We have a solution for you.

Stretch and Fresh Reusable Food Wrap entirely changes the way you were used to keep your foods fresh. Because nobody wants to dispose their food and everybody wants to keep their food long lasting.Stretch and Fresh Reusable Food Wrap is better, cheaper, efficient and effective solution to store your food while keeping them fresh and delicious as they were. It provides fastest and easiest solution to keep foods tasting great.



Stretch and Fresh Reusable Food Wrap – $12.90

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Manual French Fry Cutters

Easily create dozens of French fries or julienned vegetables with a single push of the lever!

Simply place small or half potatoes into chute and squeeze through for thick or thin fries. Interchangeable stainless steel blades with 25 holes for large and 49 holes for small fries. It is easy to operate lever action and only hand wash.



Manual French Fry Cutters- $20.90

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Manually Burger Maker

Stuff stuffed burgers press by as-onto is convenient, practical, compact, durable, you can create the perfect stuffed hamburger with it!

Start with your favorite ground meat whether beef, turkey, chicken or pork and then add your favorite ingredients to make the perfect stuffed burger.Easy to use the huge pocket for all types of toppings, customize your burger to fit your appetite up to a 1/2 lb. Comes apart for easy cleanup, safe to use in the dishwasher.Whether its regular patties, stuffed burgers, sliders or minibudgets, stuffs stuffed burgers press is the ultimate kit in your kitchen. It’s simply the perfect gift for any food lover.



Manually Burger Maker –$19.99

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Mini Stove Cooking Plate

This powerful, self-cleaning plate is perfect for cooking at school, the office or at home.

The plate will heat up quickly while the cast iron heating element will ensure even cooking every time. The single burner electric hot plate features include an adjustable temperature control, chrome-plated drip pan and cool-touch base for extra safety. You can use this as a supplement to your stove or where kitchen space may be limited. With a one-year warranty and all the necessary features you could want in a burner, this Mini Stove Cooking Plate is a smart investment for any small home or office kitchen.



Mini Stove Cooking Plate – $29.99

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Multi Function Manual Vegetable Cutter

Chop and blend vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs!

This food chopper is perfect for slicing vegetable/fruit salads, cutting various foods for baby, chopping herbs, veggies, pesto and more.It’s an ideal kitchen tool for household use. Food chopper features cutting rotator with unique triple blades for fast and even chopping/slicing. Detachable design makes it easy to clean after used. With egg separator, you can conveniently separate the egg white from the yolk. With a little dehydration basket, it dries water and avoids from spilling oil. It’s an Ideal tool for slicing/chopping vegetables and fruits, separating eggs and cream, making dressing and more.

vegetable chopper



Multi Function Manual Vegetable Cutter – $49.99  

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Multipurpose Stopper

Multipurpose Stopper can be used to prevent objects from falling into the drainage!

You can use for your sink or the bathroom floor, it can catch the hair, food or other dirty things. Starfish design, colorful elegant decoration for your sink and floor, great ideal for home accessory.



Multipurpose Stopper-$9.99

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Digital Spoon Scale

The Advanced Digital Spoon Scale is the progressive scaling gadget that you ought to have in your kitchen!

It is so Lightweight and Portable so that you could bring it anyplace, measuring anything while you cook! The Advanced Spoon Scale is made of High-Quality Stainless Steel & Strong ABS Plastic. It has 3 fundamental capacities: Mode work, Hold work, and Tare Work. The Digital Spoon Scale is designed to have a Detachable Scoop for easy cleaning. It is built with High Precision Sensor, allowing you to measure up to 10 oz at one time, and up to 105 oz for the accumulative measure. This tool accurately tells if the amount if sufficient or insufficient, and you can Instantly know how much to add. No more guessing!



Digital Spoon Scale-$23.99

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Clever Cutter 2 in 1 Food Chopper

The vegetable cutter, kitchen knife, and the cutting board are now in one Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Food Chopper!

The Clever Cutter is the best solution for you to cook fast and nice! Stainless Steel Blades operate as a large rotary selector of vegetable chopper and board. It is an ultimate 2-in-1 Manual Food Chopper – the easiest way for you to cut any food with just a snap! You can cut, chop, slice, peel, opener, and do many things else just with this Clever Cutter 2 in 1. After buying this useful thing you do not need mess and preparation anymore! Just use it directly while preparing your food. Super Sharp Blade & Effort Saving made from strong and sturdy stainless steel. Safety Lock to prevent accidental cuts Hinges. Just buy and use!




Clever Cutter 2 in 1 Food Chopper – $29.95 

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