Top Office Accessories in 2021

Are you interested in interesting office accessories? Here are our top 10 recommendations!

Unique and most important office supplies address many common workplace doldrums. From grey walls to blandly colored carpets, a pop of color or a splash of humor can help liven up an otherwise dull office.

After all, a bad case of the Mondays can’t get you down when you pull your tape out of a smiling otter tape dispenser. So if you don’t have the time, money, or energy to face a complete office remodel, try investing in some unique office supplies to brighten things up instead. From cute to funny and novelty, here’s a list of 10 interesting office products and Now you can order them on Mexten!


Office Accessories – Portable Keyboard

Special three-layer folding keyboard with mouse design!

 It is ultra thin and folding keyboard can be a perfect gift for anyone who often travels or on a business trip. Bluetooth version: Wireless Bluetooth keyboard + touchpad, 3.0 easy to connect Bluetooth. Touchpad function: convenient and easy to use it. Double-tap and hold then you can drag a filer. Rechargeable battery: Built-in rechargeable battery is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Portable Keyboard – $61.95

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Stress Enter Button

Computer rage can get to the best of us.

This product is among the most interesting office supplies! When the computer freezes and all you can do while the rage is building up within you, is to press the enter key really hard. Instead of smashing up the keyboard, turn to the Stress Enter Button and everything feels much better. It’s a novelty gift for home, office and anywhere you want, you can send it to your friend or family members as a Christmas gift.



Stress Enter Button – $20.95

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Anti Radiation Glasses

It can help you read, game, and use your computer longer and more effectively than ever before!

Lenses with the anti-radiation material plane, with positive absorption of nuclear capabilities, can absorb the modest low-frequency radiation, to eliminate positively charged ions. Anti-fatigue radiation eye protection glasses, to protect you from headaches, fatigue, brain embolism, always protect your health.


Anti Radiation Glasses – $12.95

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Office Accessories – Electric Pencil Sharpener

No more need for manual or mechanical pencil sharpener!

It is a portable battery operated electric pencil sharpener that features two separated holes of different size (6-8mm and 9-12mm) for sharpening your pencil. It provides an easy solution for school and office work. Ensures efficiency with your work and daily task. Professional desktop design with powerful motor featuring two separate holes for different pencil diameters. Also built with a removable shaving receptacle for easy replacement of the blade and anti-skid mats on the bottom for safe operation.  Removable blades and concise design is convenient for you to take blades apart from sharpener and clean it up. Just wide it with a paper or rag, it would keep newly always. To let your kids or yourself possess a new pencil sharpener all the time. Perfect for office use, student desks, accounting offices, homeschooling, teachers, construction contractors, industrial designers. Perfect gift for adult, children, and grandchildren.



Electric Pencil Sharpener – $20.95

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Portable Scan Marker

Scan and digitize horizontal or vertical documents in seconds without typing any word.

The user can directly edit scanned data in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and browsers. Recognize English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian etc. Easy to find book details and reviews on Google Books by scanning the ISBN code (texts). Provide multi-language translation for business applications or learning demands. Easy to check vocabulary, pronunciation, extended queries in the dictionaries. You can extract texts from screenshots and send the texts to different applications. It allows translating the digitized texts into multiple languages.



Portable Scan Marker – $133.95

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Adhesive Tape

Make your job easy and perfect with this high strength and double-sided Adhesive Tape!

Adhesive Tape is high strength and double-sided. It has some features such as being the strong stick, great humidity performance, waterproof, heavy duty, high peel strength, high initial adhesion, and adhesive strength. Also, you can use this adhesive tape for digital repair. Our indoor mounting adhesive tape is double-coated tape adheres and conforms to a variety of surfaces, thus there is no foam layer, it is just the clear adhesive and the red backing, removable tape. High strength and the double-sided adhesive tape is made of acrylic, so it has environmental protection raw material, and it is completely safe for everyone, including kids and pets. You can use the double sided mounting tape for your cars, fixed driving recorder, navigator, auto accessories, at home, in your kitchen, mobile phone stents, phone LCD panel display, frameless picture frame, rubber pads, doorplate, office, billboard, advertising, photo wall and etc.


Adhesive Tape $10.30 – $11.95

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Keyboard Cleaner

A must & useful keyboard cleaner for your healthy life and family!

Super soft and interesting office supplies. It doesn’t t hurt human skin, safe and without any acrimony, the glue is the best cleaning product for various precision digital instruments. Dust and dirt in gaps or on surfaces will be absorbed by the cleaner. Convenient and easy to use, just put the cleaner on your keyboard for a while and remove gently as a whole. Versatile, great for the computer keyboard, phone keypad, TV remote, video game console, speaker grill, fan grill, air condition vent, car air vent, the automobile dashboard, window sill and more.



Keyboard Cleaner – $12.97

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Back Posture Corrector

Ready to stop slouching or hunching over your computer? Our posture corrector can help!

This product must-have importance for good posture. Always remembering to stand tall and straight, have shoulders back and down. Our posture correcting brace corrects your posture and straightens your spine, makes you have a right natural posture. The neoprene in the posture corrector back brace is lightweight, breathable, latex free. Adjustable back brace support, velcro fastener, soft breathable belts, steel buckles, x-shaped stitching ensures comfort, durability. Back posture correction brace is designed for both men and women, both teenagers and adults. The traceability slouch posture corrector helps to get rid of back, shoulder, neck pain. The ergonomic design of the posture brace provides maximum comfort and support. Best posture support brace for people.



Back Posture Corrector – $14.95

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Metallic Markers

The perfect way to add metallic sparkle to your projects!

Add elegance to both light and dark papers. These pens will give your scrapbooks and crafts a hand-painted sheen without the offensive odor and mess of paint markers. They are specially formulated with ink that dries with the perfect amount of shimmer.



Metallic Markers – $9.95

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Wireless Pen Mouse

The innovative mini pen-style mouse provides accurate and easy control of the mouse cursor!

The Pocket Mouse is the wireless mouse you hold like a pen with enhanced optical technology that lets you accurately work on any surface! There’s no software to install – just plug the receiver into any USB port and Pocket Mouse automatically connects. Its built-in wireless technology allows you to write, click, swipe or even use the flying scroll feature with ease!



Wireless Pen Mouse – $25.95

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