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TOP 10 Super Cool Musical Tools in 2021

Are you looking for musical tools? Here are our TOP10 recommendations!

Music has a huge effect on everyone from different aspects. First of all, it helps us to relax. Secondly, music can make all the gloomy days more interesting and funnier. Moreover, music is a profession for someone else and new tools are going to increase productivity. That’s why Mexten collected 10 super cool musical tools for beginners, musicians, and music addicts.

10FT Guitar Bass 6.35mm Audio Cable

Easy to transferable – making incidental quick and easy! Very nice and flexible cable! 

Cable provides enhanced signal transfer, better conductivity and high quality for electric guitar, electric box piano, electronic organ, bass, and other recording devices. High purity Oxygen-Free Copper(OFC) core of the cable, with 7 mm(0.27 inch) outer diameter brings the cable strong, durable and enhances signal clarity. Also straight and right Angle 1/4″ metal connector makes a great secure connection in any instrument, pedal, or L shape for on-stage guitar stands.




10FT Guitar Bass 6.35mm Audio Cable – $19.99

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Portable Roll Up Drums

Roll-up Drum Kits are a great option for drummers who are low on space and budget, in need of a quiet practice solution, and travel a lot!

You can easily store, fold, transport, and play kits on a tabletop or floor. They generally contain everything you need to  start, including foot pedals. You can also play using inbuilt speakers or connect your headphones for quiet practice. Roll up drum sets are a great gift for both adult and kids that would like to practice and record playing drums. MIDI roll-up kits allow you to connect your roll-up drums to your laptop and record your beats. This can be great for tracking your practice, as well as recording into music production software.




Portable Roll Up Drums – $39.95

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Portable Pocket Guitar For Beginners

The Pocket Guitar allows you to carry a guitar everywhere you go!

This awesome gadget has been carefully designed to mimic a real guitar built with a real mahogany effect fret board, with 4 frets. You can remove steel strings, replace, loosen or tighten as needed. It is just like any real guitar – only totally portable and quiet so it will not disturb others around you. Grab one now so that you can silently practice on the bus, in a taxi, in your lunch break at work – virtually anywhere!




Portable Pocket Guitar For Beginners – $19.25

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Universal Car Bluetooth Music Receiver

This music receiver (hands-free) is designed to receive music from mobile phones or transmitters that feature Bluetooth wireless technology. You can use the music receiver  with almost any audio receiver with an audio input jack, including automobiles. With this tool you will enjoy car music, call solutions,  using of smart phones to make calls and listen to music through the car stereo. This product is embedded echo cancellation microphone.

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Universal Car Bluetooth Music Receiver – $17.95

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Guitar Capo & Built-in Tuner

Guitar Capo with Built-in Tuner is designed for beginners and professionals!

It is easily tuning on stage and clip-on style. You can easily apply and adjust with one hand. Also, it is fast and accurate. Using tool is easy and convenient. It is built of lightweight high-quality zinc alloy material, it is strong and durable. It is not only a professional capo but also a professional tuner. The tuner detects sound automatically and shows the note name accordingly. If there is no operation or no signal input for 30 seconds, it will turn to power-saving mode automatically and the backlight will be off but if there is operation or signal input, the backlight will be on again.                                                          



Guitar Capo & Built-in Tuner –  $39.95

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Stereo Music Player With FM Radio

Completely clear in sound quality and scratch resistant in characters!

Quality – This Stereo Music Player is made of high-quality fluorescence surface aluminum alloy, and it is elegant, stylish in appearance. Aluminum alloy shell, durable yet stylish. FM function – it can search the radio broadcast station automatically. It supports Security Digital Memory Card, TF card, USB disk, FM, Line IN function, and receives the audio source from MP3, MP4, PC, Notebook, Phone, etc. It also supports USB2.0 high-speed transmission, and it is fully compatible with USB1.1. Features – It has Function Buttons such as on/off, menu, previous song, next song, play/pause, volume control. LED display panel. It is built-in high capacity rechargeable battery, supports long play. the player is compact and portable, convenient to carry.




Stereo Music Player With FM Radio – $29.99

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Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Handheld Microphone

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Handheld Microphone is made of high quality, so it is durable, portable, lightweight, and easy to carry. This Microphone has Bluetooth technology for lower energy consumption, however it has more stable connection and faster transmits speed, and effective wireless operating distance is up to 10 m. Metal shell protective and super bass loss-less sound create a high-quality listening experience. Bluetooth wireless is designed to connect to any Bluetooth enabled smart devices. It can also record with the mobile phone, you just connect the recording wire and open the Karaoke software on the mobile phone, then you can record the song and save it.




Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Handheld Microphone – $39.99

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Educational Musical Toys For Babies

Baby can learn to recognize different colors, training color recognition ability, the perception of the rich and colorful world!

Kid’s animal farm piano music toy, upper part with handle, and dogs, lamb, chicken, pony five animals button. The bottom has eight music key: do re mi fa so la si do, can according to the music. The first key to conversion: it will ask what is the sheep or birds, horses, cattle, and so on, if you press the corresponding animal it will say: right, good, if you press the wrong, it will say: wrong, then look for, at the same time have music accompaniment.




Educational Musical Toys For Babies – $19.99

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LED Music Planter Pot

The LED Music Planter Pot is a mini speaker suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

You can use it in your office, bedroom, dorms, baby room, or any room in your home. Bluetooth speaker, equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology to maximize device compatibility and pairing speed, allows you to instantly connect to your smart devices up to 33ft away and enjoy 12 continuous hours of music in 70% volume.




LED Music Planter Pot – $45.99

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Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Now with high-resolution HD Sound and Long Range BT signal, The Rock Space Pro Wireless TWS Earbuds gives you your chance to join the Wireless revolution Today!

Bluetooth Earphone True Wireless Earbuds with any of your mobile devices via Bluetooth and experience a truly wireless experience with clear & crisp sound for hours. These offer a 10-meter transmission range (in open space). A full charge takes only two hours and provides up to five hours of listening time and 120 hours of standby time to help you power through while studying or pass the time on the way to work. You can control music and call functions by simply pressing on the earbuds without removing the earphones.




Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – $78.99

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