Top 10 Products to keep in your car

Some of us keep absolutely nothing in our car, while others have enough tools in order to repair their cars or remove unwanted damage on it without paying additional money each time. Mexten listed its 10 useful products which our team thinks every car owner should always have on hand.



Car Interior Cleaner

Want to quickly wash your car with less time and money?

This professional Car Interior Cleaner can help you to make your wish come true! It saves your strength and makes your cleaning relaxed. Air pulse spray nozzle and hose design inserted in the deep bottle to make an excellent capacity of cleaning, environment-friendly, construction for lasting value. It is suitable for cleaning wool car upholstery, leather car upholstery, dashboard, steering wheel, door panels, carpet, floor mats, car roof, the engine surface, the surface of the tire, wheel surface and so on.



Car Interior Cleaner – $39.95

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Mini Car Air Pump

It’s a great little air pump and excellent for keeping the proper air pressure in your automobile tires!

This air pump automatically stops and prevents over filling. Additionally, it is quick and easy to use. This product fits perfectly any air valve. The unit needs to be charged for at least 3-3.5 hours prior to first use. Do NOT store battery inside unit when not in use. The air compressor is not suitable for trucks. It can be used on tires, toys, sports equipment, bike tires, air mattresses and more. 




Mini Car Air Pump – $75.95

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Car Scratch Repair Pen

Cure your Auto Scratches with  the Car Scratch Repair Pen!

By using the Car Scratch Repair Pen, you can save on car repair services and get a perfect result! It is permanent, water resistant, not toxic and odorless. This pen for car repair works only on non-deep scratches. It is very simple to use. It helps easily repair light scratches to your vehicle – no matter the color. You need just to apply with the pen and let it dry in the sun.



Car Scratch Repair Pen – $11.95

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Ceramic Car Coating

To avoid car scratches, so that the car is more shiny as new!

The Super Ceramic Car Coating acts as a strong protective layer above your paintwork, protecting it from UV rays and environmental contaminants. What’s even better is that it also creates a beautiful shine on your car exterior! The coating only requires ONE single application and can last for than 2-5 years or MORE! Talk about value for money! It is also extremely easy to apply and does not require complicated tools or equipment. Some liquid can be simply applied on a dry cloth and wipe over the surface of your car. Then, you need to allow 42 hours of natural drying to get the best results! Besides that, it is 100% colorless and ceramic coating is also non-toxic and eco-friendly.



Ceramic Car Coating – $29.90

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Car Damage Repair Tool

A manually activated suction cup, great for lifting and pulling.

Smaller-size suction cup handles gets into tight spots – still has big pulling power. It is made from durable, odorless, extra strength rubber for a strong and ergonomic grip, making pulling easier and more successful. Soft rubber cup forms seal on most flat, non-porous surfaces; close handle to create a powerful vacuum. This car repair tool works on sheet metal, body panels, glass and more; tough nylon handle. The Suction cup is built to tightly seal and lift multiple materials



Car Damage Repair Tool – $23.99

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Leather Repair Kit

Leather Repair Kit proudly offers any type of adhesive or repair sealant you need for your project!

This repair kit for leather is a handy and easy to use Kit that can repair any cracks, cuts, burns, and tears on leather and vinyl material surfaces. A variety of colors and grain papers are designed to match surrounding materials to blend repairs with existing vinyl or leather.



Leather Repair Kit – $12.95

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Car Oil Aroma Diffuser / Humidifier

The pleasant smell will help to lift your mood, relieve tension and anxiety, will boost the metabolism and much more!

Are you seeking relief from dry air, cold, flu, cracked skin, or just car odor? The Car Oil Aroma Diffuser / Humidifier works as both an air humidifier and an essential oil diffuser. You need just simply to plug the diffuser into your car’s cigarette lighter with 100 ml water and a couple drops of your favorite oil and that’s it. The top can rotate, so you can even plug in at an angle and keep your diffuser upright. It must be used when the car is running. Do not use it when there is no water in the bottle.



Car Oil Aroma Diffuser – $22.95

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Car Door Protector Strips

Protect your car!

These strips help to avoid getting your car door a nasty bump or get hit by any hard object close to you by installing the Car Door Protector Strips. It prevents your car door from having those unsightly bumps, dents, and scratches whenever you accidentally bump your car door to another car nearest to it especially in tight parking lots. Instead of paying for repairs and repaint for your car, why not protect it from getting damaged by putting on these Car Door Protector Strips to all the four doors of your car. Installing is quick and simple. They come in different colors and cuts with a modern design, so pick yours now.



Car Door Protector Strips – $16.99

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Car Auto Lens Repair Kit


As years pass by, your car’s headlight, taillight, signal, and fog lights turn yellowish, crack and foggy. But there are some alternatives to restore its natural shine and brand new look. These are by spending money on buying a new light cover or repairing them with this Car Auto Lens Repair Kit. The Car Auto Lens Repair Kit gives a clear vision when you are riding at night and same to the vehicles right in front and back of you. This repair kit has a film pattern that closely matches the color of your light cover. With a weatherproof and special adhesive film, you can quickly and easily attach them to a flat or curved surface. Repair your car light without the hassle of removing its cover using this Car Auto Lens Repair Kit today. It is a recommended toolkit for both motorcycles and cars.



Car Auto Lens Repair Kit – $22.99

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