Top 10 Life Hack Products To Look Fitter

Looking fit is the desire of everyone. However, you do not need to challenge yourselves with excessive diet and workout, especially who do not have time regularly. Your dreams come true! Mexten offers you the ways of looking fit with its 10 products.


ABS Muscle Stimulator

Are you tired from constant diets? Do not have any times for gym?

So, we found a solution for you. Lose weight without leaving home! The Ultimate Abs Stimulator is the most powerful and effective 6 pack solution on the market that effortlessly strips away your extra fatness and finally shows your toned ABS to look fitter.



ABS Muscle Stimulator-$43.99

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Ultimate Men’s Slimming Body Vest

Gives You A Slim Look!

Ultimate Men’s Slimming Body Vest is an excellent undershirt garment for the man who wants to enjoy a good figure and good health, it does the same work as a slim belt for men!



Ultimate Men’s Slimming Body Vest-$16.95

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Body Shaper Tank Top For Women

Change the way you shop for clothes!


Body Shaper Tank Top designed to enhance your natural shape gives your torso a sleek, fit, smooth look. This Top offers a shaping solution that is perfect for those days you are looking for just a little something more than a regular tank top can offer.


Body Shaper Tank Top For Women-$12.95

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Body Shaping Camisole

Shape your body under your everyday clothes invisibly!

This body shaping camisole helps women of all shapes and sizes to flaunt a fabulous flattering new fit figure in an instant.

This camisole gently slims your upper body, hugging and holding in any bulges to give you a more slender, streamlined silhouette.


Body Shaping Camisole-$14.95

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Plus Size Seamless Arm Shaper

Seamless Arm Shaper Is Comfortable And Will Perfectly Shape Your Arms!

Seamless Arm Shaper is women adult fashion crop top shirt with its comfortable, slim fit, and transparent design you can wear it under all your sleeveless and strapless tops and dresses. Four-way stretch gently hugs & slims your arms. There are no shoulder seams, therefore, they will look like part of your top or dress.


Plus Size Seamless Arm Shaper-$11.95

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Infrared Ultrasonic Slimming Body Massager

A Massager With Multiple Benefits!

  • Applicable to face massage and body treatment.
  • Body Treatment: 1. Massage arm: shape arms, make arms slimming, reduce fat from arms; 2. Massage waist and abdomen: tighten body skin, remove body cellulite, remove body fat and body wrinkle, tighten waist skin; 3. Massage hip: reduce the cellulite of buttocks, lift and shape buttocks, tighten waist and buttocks; 4. Massage foot and legs: lift legs skin and shape legs, remove legs fat and wrinkle, tighten skin and prevent skin loosening


Infrared Ultrasonic Slimming Body Massager-$66.95

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Instant Magnetic Therapy-Breast Lifts

Figuring how to battle Sagging, Loose Hangingbreasts?

Instant Magnetic Therapy Bra Inserts is a must-have – you’ll be amazed by the Permanent lifting effect!


Instant Magnetic Therapy-Breast Lifts-$11.95

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High-Waisted Shaper Panty

Do You Want to Achieve a Slimmer Body and Shape Your Silhouette?

It doesn’t matter if you just had a child, are recovering from plastic surgery, or just want to look curvaceously smooth for that big day.


High-Waisted Shaper Panty-$13.95

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Waist Trainer Belt

Looking for the best-fitting waist trainer belt? Here is the Waist Trainer Belt.

The waist trainer belt acts like a mobile sauna for your waist, it is very effective in burning your tummy fat and assists weight loss.





Back  Posture Corrector

Ready to stop slouching or hunching over your computer? Our posture corrector can help!


Back Posture Corrector-$14.95

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