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Tea Coffee Tools for Hot Drink Lovers

The coldest weeks are almost upon us. More than ever, a hot drink is welcome.Hot drink love is for sharing hot drink experiences.The cafes, the coffee, the teas. We offer you top tea tools that make hot drinks enjoyable.

Here are they:

Lazy Tea Infuser

It is easy to use by popping off the tails, filling with loose tea, and hanging on a cup rim to steep. It is made of 100% BPA – Free Silicone, and it does not contain any chemicals. Lazy Tea Infuser is extremely safe for your food.The Lazy Tea Infuser has CE/EU Certification, and it is non-toxic food grade silicone. This infuser is soft and durable, so you can use it anytime, anywhere! Lifetime guarantee ensures your satisfaction. The Lazy Tea Infuser is suitable for all small leaf teas and most fruit/herb infusions.



Lazy Tea infuser – $14.99

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Manual Portable Coffee Maker Outdoor

This Portable Coffee Maker is simple and intuitive to operate!

Add ground coffee to the filter basket with the help of the integrated scoop. Apply slight pressure to level the grind, and then add hot water into the water tank. Finally, unlock from its travel position the piston and pump a few strokes to pressurize and extract perfect espresso with generous creme.Does not require compressed air or N2O cartridges to function and is hand operated so that you can prepare your coffee drinks even when there’s no electricity. It is stain-resistant and easy to clean



Manual Portable Coffee Maker Outdoor – $61.95

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Prescription Coffee Mug

Unique coffee mug with medicine prescription design! 

This Prescription Coffee Mug makes it look like you’re drinking your drug of choice, and doing so blatantly too!

  • Coffee mug that looks like a prescription bottle
  • Great conversation starter
  • Great for the caffeine addict in your life – one that doesn’t need an intervention
  • Perfect gag gift for your friends or loved ones
  • Don’t settle for a cheap knockoff: Better Day prescription mug is the original
  • A great gift for anyone that loves that caffeine boost
  • Holds up to 12 ounces of the world’s best medicine – coffee



Prescription Coffee Mug – $27.95

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Stainless Steel Sphere Locking Infuser

Stainless Steel Sphere Locking Infuser is an ideal thing for hot or cold tea!

Use it in the kettle, pots, cups, and etc. You can easily brew the most flavorful tea. The sturdy clamp holds ball together and keeps tea or spices secure.Stainless Steel Sphere Locking Infuser is useful for spices or loose leaf tea. It has a chain to suspend into hot beverages. Stainless-steel construction makes easy to enjoy your tea.



Stainless Steel Sphere Locking Infuser – $11.99

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Electronic Latte Decoration Pen

Try it now and taste with meaningful and special coffee!.

Electronic Latte Pen is portable electronic appliances that can easily be used for a coffee latte or food decorations using various small particle materials such as cinnamon, cocoa, green tea, parsley powders etc..It makes a really professional impression on anyone – even on other baristas.



Electronic Latte Decoration Pen – $12.95

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Self Stirring Mug

Quickly blends beverages without the effort of shaking or stirring. For the office, car, travel, home & more.The best way to stir and take your coffee and your favorite beverage, such as chocolate, milk tea or cocoa. Suited for any beverage!



Self String Mug – $22.95

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Build-On Brick Lego Mug

If you’re in a climate where 9 am meetings are the norm, you’re going to need more than caffeine to stay awake.Enter the Build-On Brick Lego Mug. It’s a coffee mug and construction set all in one!Bring along a handful of your favorite building blocks and tinker with a creation while your upper management drones on about things they think are important.



Build-On Brick Lego Mug – $45.97

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Transforming Mug Shaped Car Space Organizer

There is 5 part of this cup holder.1 phone and sunglasses rack, 2 layers for beverage,1 small box for beverage and small accessory and the bottom for storage the coins.Easy to assemble and clean, Soft Silicone bottom prevents your car from scratch and damage.Not take more space but save space for your little stuff, and make everything within your arms reach. Your car becomes tidy and clean right now.Can be rotated to any angle, convenience and creative. Attractive appearance, convenient and practical, nice decoration for your car. Creates extra storage within easy reach.



Transforming Mug Shaped Car Space Organizer – $19.95

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  Tea Infuser


The infuser is perfect for steeping 2-3 cups of tea and includes a silicone cover and infuser holder. Simply place your tea leaves in the infuser and place the silicone cover on the bottom.Place in your mug and remove when your tea is steeped to your desired strength. Place infuser in the infuser holder to make sure of no mess.



Tea Infuser – $14.99 

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Changing Star Wars Mug

Heat sensitive material on the mug surface turns color when hot liquid is poured in. Just simply pour your hot drink of choice and enjoy as the light-sabers magically light up! It can also be a gift for your loved ones, friends.



Changing Star Wars Mug – $28.55

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