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The Products for Toddlers in 2021

Products for toddlers may seem difficult to find since they should be educational, non-toxic, and etc. Toddlers are such fast-learning and energetic little explorers that the best toys for 1 to 3 year olds must challenge, entertain and stimulate – both mentally and physically. In this lens, Mexten has put together a list of favorite toys for kids in that age range. That way, you can truly get the best of the best birthday and holiday gifts for kids! Mexten has chosen top 10 toys for toddlers


Products for Toddlers – Crazy Marble Tracks

The Crazy Marble Tracks encourage toddlers to unleash their creative side which is important for a child’s development!

The toy helps the children develop their curiosity, shape recognition, and their creative & imagination senses.Compatible with Lego Duplo Blocks, the Crazy Marble Tracks won’t only keep your toddler entertained but you may find yourself joining in with them too.




Crazy Marble Tracks-$29.95 – $59.95

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Hoop Ring Toos

Hook the hoop to get the score! – Products for Toddlers.

Children will have terrific fun throwing rings at the targets and mastering their aim with the Hoop Ring Toss. The two plastic frame pieces simply lock together to form a cross-shaped board. Five plastic poles simply slot into holes at the four ends and center of the cross. Players then take turns to throw the five rings at the poles. The player who gets rings around the most number of poles is declared the winner.



Hoop Ring Toss-$12.95

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Water-Based ABC Doodling Set

Products for toddlers – help toddlers with recognition of the letters as well as being able to write words!

Arts and crafts are great for learners of all ages. Draw, trace and never make a mess! Add water to the pen and create the magic card. The images spring up, then slowly fade away.

Perfect balance between play and education
-Trace letters.
-Start to study simple words.
-Recognize different colors.



Water-Based ABC Doodling Set-$30.95

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Baby Balance Bike

Get Your Toddler Off To A Great Start With This Cute Baby Balance Bike!

This bike will help your baby to practice balance sense and let him or her quickly learn to walk!

Come on and get one for your kids to explore the wonderful standing world!

  • Independent part easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Best toy before child learning how to walk
  • Let your kids begin his journey to learn to stand
  • Made of green environmental material, no harm to your kids



Baby Balance Bike-$55.95

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Faucet Extender for Toddlers

Make your home more gentle and fragrant!

Have you and your toddler been annoyed that they cannot reach the water by themselves? Are you worried about kids safety when they are bending over to reach water? Worry no more!! You just need an Amazing extender! The faucet extenders are made from long-lasting, soft yet durable plastic – BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. Super cute designs encourage your little ones to wash their hands and promote independence.The curved design of the extender makes the flow of the water centralized, water does not spill easily to wet clothes and can help save water.



Faucet Extender for Toddlers-$9.99

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Products for Toddlers – Baby Dinosaur Onesie

Rawr! Dress up your little one in this Dinosaur Onesie for cuteness overload! 

This adorable Baby Dinosaur Onesie is perfect for babies and toddlers who love pouncing and roaring around the house. If the little one in your life is already acting like a little bit of a monster, you should make sure that they are dressed for the part! It features a grey/Pink coloured jumpsuit with cuffed sleeves and bottoms for a snug look. Black spikes on the hood and back give your little dinosaur a cute factor that is a little bit intimidating too.Your little one is sure to transform from a sweet little baby to roaring and intimidating little dragon wearing this adorable costume. Great for Halloween, playtime or dress up day in school.



Baby Dinosaur Onesie-$17.95

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Smart Teddy Bear

Enjoy hearing your kid’s giggles as he/she plays peek-a-boo with this awesome toy!

This is one of the best products for toddlers to play. Peek-a-boo and teddy bears are two of the best things that make our babies giggly.Now imagine a teddy bear with a soft satin blanket doing a peek-a-boo game.Moms and dads, meet your kiddo’s new cuddly playmate! Smart Teddy Bear is a loveable plush toy which features moveable mouth and arms and can recite six (6) phrases.This is perfect for your newborns and toddlers as it also promotes sensory play, visual development, and social interaction.





Smart Teddy Bear-$36.97

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Baby Shower Hat

Make washing hair no longer an unpleasant but an enjoyable experience for your baby!

Is your little one crying during baths? Maybe shampoo and water got into his/her eyes. Protect your baby’s cute little eyes with a Baby Shower Hat! This very handy bath time is one of the must-have products for toddlers and babies effectively prevents water from running down to the baby’s face when you’re washing their hair.No more clogged breathing when the water drips down to baby’s nose, too! It is easily adjustable so it fits on babies of any head size. It is also ultra soft, comfortable, and flexible, so it’s good for constant use.


Baby Shower Hat-$12.90

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Bubble Bath Maker

Make bubbles continuously, add fun to bath time!

This bath item is one of the most wanted products for toddlers! Using environmental-friendly material, no poison, and no harm.  There are 12 nursery rhymes for playing and making the bath more enjoyable.Continue to bubble, add fun to the bath time. Let the children like to take a shower.Suitable as a gift for children.



Bubble Bath Maker-$38.95 – $45.95

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Products for Toddlers – Walking Singing Unicorn

These walking singing unicorns are so adorable, they would make the perfect gift for any child, or unicorn lover! 

Plush unicorn toy with fully animated features. When activated, the unicorn trots forwards, making the occasional magical twinkle sound effect. This animated plush toy makes an enticing display piece that is sure to draw attention from everyone in the immediate area. Watch her trot along as she shakes her tail and wings and hear her clip pity clop and neigh! Animated unicorn plush toy, Trots forwards Magical spell-like sound effects.





Walking Singing Unicorn-$37.95

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