Men Metal Flame Lighter Watch

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Men Metal Flame Lighter Watch
Men Metal Flame Lighter Watch

This  watch is fairly thicker than the average wrist-watch, but it is much more comfortable than our customers typically expect!

This watch is perfect for the individual looking to be discreet while trying to do the absolute most. Having a way to start a fire anywhere is truly the dream. Sure you could lug around a lighter with you everywhere you go, but who wants to do that?! This lighter watch is a wrist watch that doubles as a lighter. Sure to be an ultimate survival tool, a smokers dream, plus it’ll also come in very handy at birthday parties!

Men Metal Flame Lighter Watch

Easy to adjust flame height! (or add butane)

To use the lighter watch, just pull the tab on the side of the watch and a flame comes right out of the face of the watch which will be perfect for lighting a cigarette, starting a fire in the wilderness while stranded, lighting birthday candles, or just starting general fires for BBQs, campfires, or other things.

Men Metal Flame Lighter Watch

More stylish and comfortable than one may think!

Not only will this watch be able to easily start a fire wherever you are, but it is also a fully functional clock so you can time your cigarettes by the hour, by the half hour, or just ignore the time and light a new cigarette from your currently lit cigarette.

Plus the lighter watch will go perfectly with your ring lighter, so that you can then have numerous sources of fire extruding from one hand.

Men Metal Flame Lighter Watch

Flame lighter watch is the symbol of male identity.

The Lighter Watch is ignited by simply pulling a tab down on the side of the watch, is powered from Butane fluid which is refillable (not included), the clock of the watch is powered by a standard watch battery, and the wrist strap is fully adjustable to fit most-sized humans.

Men Metal Flame Lighter WatchFeatures:

  • Manual transformation
  • Rotating gear
  • Classic retro style
  • Good tightness
  • Original design, ingenious work


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