DIY Hot-Fix Applicator

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Customize everything and create your own masterpiece!

Are you interested in doing beautiful decorations for your shoes, garment or bags? Our DIY Hot-Fix Rhinestone Applicator will make that possible! With advanced technology, it heats within several seconds.

Simply put your rhinestone to the fabric that you wish to decorate and use our DIY Hot-Fix Rhinestone Applicator. It makes it simple and easy to add hot-fix rhinestones to a variety of fabrics and items. Making your everyday items like clothes, purses, cell phones, belts, dolls, scrapbooks, and more beautiful sparkling look. 

After only 10 seconds of holding it tightly, you will have beautifully decorated shoes, garments, bags, or clothes. Turn useless pieces of rhinestones into an art! This is a DIY Hot-Fix rhinestone applicator that can add sparkle rhinestones to your items including clothing, purses, cell phones, belts, dolls, scrapbooks and more.

  • Lay your garment out flat on a heat-resistant surface with the side to be rhinestoned facing up.
  • Place a piece of cardboard if the item has multiple layers, such as a t-shirt. Place it between the layers or inside the shirt. This will keep the glue from melting through and sticking to the back of the shirt.
  • Place your rhinestone glue side on the fabric. Lay out a small part of your design at a time, to avoid messing up the rhinestones in neighboring areas of the garment.
  • Heat the iron on the lowest setting. Gently press it on top of the rhinestone for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Gently pull on one rhinestone to see if it is fully affixed. After allowing it to cool for one minute. If not, iron again for 20 seconds. Repeat the process until your design is complete.

Give an old piece a new glance! Enjoy unlimited possibilities with DIY Hot-Fix Applicator!




Hotfix Applicator
DIY Hot-Fix Applicator
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