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Party Products of Mexten are best for all kind of occasions! Organizing a home party is exciting, joyful, and at the same time stressful because you want to hold a party in a way that it is perfect, and your guests would never forget it and even talk about it for some time. To make it fun, uncomplicated, and effortless, we have enlisted top 10 necessary party products that will make your party impressive and memorable. See also Beverage Accessories!


Party Products – Creative Spectacles Straw

Creative Spectacles Straw is very fun to wear for both children and adults. These straw spectacles will add much fun to your parties; you and your children will find it enjoyable to see the flow of the drinks. With Creative Spectacles Straw your children will drink even the most tasteless drinks with a lot of fun.



Creative Spectacles Straw – $9.99

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Play & Party Ice Shot Maker Tray

With Ice Shot Maker Tray your can make your shot glasses from any drink you want: you can simply make your shot from water, or you can go with teasing your guests by making your shots from vodka, tequila and other alcoholic beverages. This ice shot maker tray will make your drinks cool without adding ice cubes. In addition to its non-toxic and Eco-friendly Silicone material, after a long and tiring occasions there will be left nothing to wash.



Play & Party Ice Shot Maker Tray – $14.95

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Cap Shooting

With its dual function, while you open beers, you will have fun buy shooting their caps. Comes in three different colors, it is very fun to have in BBQ, camping, and home parties, and in other occasions. Instead of buying old-fashioned beer openers, purchase Cap Shooting beer opener and entertain your friends and guests with drinking games.




Cap Shooting – $13.00

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Fruit Poppers

With Fruit Poppers you will make your vegetable and fruits in 6 different shapes very easily: heart, flower, butterfly, circle, star, and sun. By using Fruit Poppers, you will make healthy and catchy snacks for home parties, weddings, and other events. In addition, you will make an interest towards fruits and vegetables in children’s healthy diets.



Fruit Poppers – $15.95

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Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Handheld Microphone

Karaoke is one of the enjoyable activities to do in your weddings, parties, home singings and other events. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Handheld Microphone is the best choice for having joyful moments. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Handheld Microphone is durable and lightweight; it can be used as a speaker, player, car stereo, recorder so on and so forth. Moreover, it is compatible with diverse singing applications.



Wireless Bluetooth Handheld  Microphone – $39.99

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Creative Drink Dispenser

This Creative Drink Dispenser now is a trend product for home use, office, and other occasions. Easy to set up and use, it is non-toxic, and it can hold up to 2 liters of liquid. In addition, it is designed to keep your drinks quality meaning that by using the dispenser, your carbonated drinks will be prevented from going flat. It is also ideal for kids to use without making a mess.



Creative Drink Dispenser – $12.95

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Manually Burger Maker

Now you can make perfect shaped burgers for your guests and children by purchasing Manually Burger Maker! It is food-friendly, made from high quality non-toxic plastic, practical and durable. This product will save your time; you will make burgers quickly without a mess and waste. Very easy to use, everyone can make their perfect hamburgers.



Manually Burger Maker – $19.99

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Potato Spiral Slicer Tool

With this Potato Spiral Slicer Tool, you can cook your potato chips in cool shapes. Easy, convenient, and safe to use, your guests will enjoy the twisted potato chips. By purchasing the Potato Slicer Tool, your chips will not be standard shaped in your BBQ parties, birthday parties, weddings, everyday meals. In addition, your children will love eating spiral ships and have fun.



Potato Spiral Slicer Tool – $14.97

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Colorful Chopsticks

These rainbow styled colorful chopsticks will make your gatherings very different, fantastic, and unique. Colorful Chopsticks will take your party into magical atmosphere. Easy to clean and dry without worrying about paint-shedding it is dishwasher safe. In addition, this Asian chopsticks are made from 304 stainless steel which make it durable and non-bendable. Purchase now for adding more color to your party table, and have fun while eating Japanese and Chinese style food.



Colorful Chopsticks – $6.95

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Electric Wine Opener

After purchasing Electric Wine Opener, you will no more put a lot of effort and waste your time on opening wine bottle. This gadget is indispensable tool for wine lovers and holding parties, weddings, home usage and etc. This eco-friendly Electric Wine Opener consumes low power, and it is easy to use and portable that you would taste your wine outdoor. Made from high quality aluminum alloy, Electric Wine Opener is very durable and long lasting.



Electric Wine Opener – $35.95

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