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Office is where most of us spend up to eight hours per day for five to six days a week. While doing our work or trying to, we get nervous and stressed even due to simple things; as a result, we can feel alienated and exhausted. To prevent this kind of situations, there are some Mexten office goods that ease your working environment and make it more joyful. Here are top 10 useful and innovative office gadgets and stationery goods to have in your office for better concentration and less stress.


Office Goods – Stress Enter Button

This big Stress Enter Button is a must have product in your office as a stress reliever. When you get angry, instead of pushing your keyboard and damaging it, you can press this Enter Button pillow. Beside its stress reliever feature, it is best for taking a nap. Stress Enter Button is detachable and easily washable.



Office Goods – Stress Enter Button – $20.95

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Office Goods – Build-On Brick Lego Mug

Going through the day in office without a hot drink is unimaginable. This Build-On Brick Lego Mug is a good way to use and play your creativity while working. You can design your unique mug and enjoy your tea, coffee, juice and etc. apart from work stress. Non-toxic and food friendly, it is also a good gift for your friends, family members and co-workers.



Build-On Brick Lego Mug – $45.97

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Keyboard Cleaner Gel

With this Cleaner Gel, you can not only clean your keyboard, but also other items such as TV remote, wallets, shoes, car air vents, windows sills, so on and so forth, where other conventional cleaning methods including brushes do not get in. This cleaner gel will fill into even tiny places and absorb all the dirt. Beside its soft and satisfying design, it is safe to use, and non-toxic texture is harmless for the skin.



Keyboard Cleaner Gel – $12.97

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Office Goods – Desk Clip Cup Holder

With the Desk Clip Cup Holder you will save the space on your desk and make your desk creative and unique design. Its durable design and material make it possible to have the capability to hold heavy mugs and cups; and it can hold both hot and cold drinks. Moreover, it will prevent the drink from spilling on your necessary work sheets and documents. While it will save your desk space and hold your mug, it will make your work table not boring place.



Desk Clip Cup Holder – $13.97

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Office Goods – Wrist Support Mouse Pad

it will reduce the writ irritation and wrist pain while working all day with mouse. it will prevent your wrist from irritation, fatigue. and wrist pain. its comfortable gel-filled cushion. in addition, it also improve the movement of mouse on the pad.



Wrist Support Mouse Pad – $12.95

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Anti Radiation Glasses

Anti Radiation Glasses protects your eyes from long term fatigue, ultra violet screens that cause headache, and brain embolism by blocking 99% of the harmful blue light comes from the screen. It will help to stare and work with your computer more by absorbing radiation. Made from durable material, it fits to all types of faces, and can be wearable by both men and women.



Anti-Radiation Glasses – $12.95

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Mini Mushroom Vacuum Cleaner

Mini Mushroom Vacuum Cleaner is not used only for the keyboard, but also for cleaning gadgets, home apparatus, furniture, so on and so forth. This new innovative product will clean even the tiny and fragile dirts like the cigarette cinder or hair. It is mostly used for cleaning inside the apparatus, parts of the computers and etc.



Mini Mushroom Vacuum Cleaner – $16.95

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Electric Pencil Sharpener

Electric pencil Sharpener is an ideal way to save your precious time. It comes with two changeable blades, and it has two pencil sizes. Durable and long lasting, it is easy to clean and replace with new blades. Unlike the old fashioned manual pencil sharpeners, this product will not spoil your pencil even if it is low in quality. While sharpening pencil with old fashioned manual sharpener will lose your concentration, this product will help you stay focused on your work.



Electric Pencil Sharpener – $20.95

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3D Drawing Pen

When you want to have a break from hard work, and you inspired to do art work, this 3D Drawing Pen is ideal for you! For better work, increasing your creativity and spatial thinking ability at work, doing 3D drawing is the best way. Safe and easy to use, you draw in the air; additionally, you can control its speed and colors. In addition, it is also great as a gift to give your co-workers, friends, and children.



3D Drawing Pen – $109.95

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Mini Laptop Cooling Extractor

Mini Laptop Cooling Extractor is one of the must have products for office workers. Its rapid cooling feature allows you using your laptop constantly without worrying about harming it. It is light, hand sized, portable and stylish. It is new innovative cooling gadget that helps the heat out of vents rapidly. Furthermore, you can also buy it for your children who loves playing games. Mini Laptop Cooling Extractor quickly make  the hot air out of engine; it allows you use your computer longer, and it make your laptop long lasting.



Mini Laptop Cooling Extractor – $19.95

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