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Nail Supplies to Have Healthy and Fashionable Nails

By simply looking at one’s hands, especially to their nails, we can tell a lot about them; whether they are fashion nerds, hygienic, or not. No matter what kind or type of nails you want to have, there are some basics that everyone should follow in order to seem neat and clean. In addition, these basics are easy and cheap way to do. As Mexten, we have a list consisted of products for to have healthy and stylish nails whether you are nail technician or not.


Nail Supplies – Nail Dryer

With its non-toxic, harmless, and environmentally friendly ABS material, while drying and curing all nail art designs, Nail Dryer will not cause any irritation and damage. The Nail Dryer will cause no burn or itching to your skin, and dry your nails less than a minute. Beside its fashionable design, it is lightweight and portable that makes it ideal for constant travelers. In addition, with advanced LED technology you will never need to change the bulb.



Nail Dryer – $19.99

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Nail Stamp Plate Tool

This nail stamping kit has different cute patterns that will make your nails fashionable and cool. Easy to apply, you will paint your nails by yourself even if you are new to nail art world. With Nail Stamp Plate Tool, you will have unique designs on your nails and will wow your friends. In addition, it is also a great gift for a nail technicians or amateur nail artists!



Nail Supplies – Nail Stamp Plate Tool – $24.95

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Nail Gel Bottle Holder

With this wearable Nail Gel Bottle Holder you can polish your nails anywhere without a flat surface; on a couch, bed or in a car! This soft, durable silicone rubber fits all fingers, and it is an easier and faster way to polish without a mess. This product will wow you and your friends by how it is easy and cool way to polish your nails.



Nail Gel Bottle Holder – $12.59

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Nail Glitter Powder

This Nail Glitter Powder will make your nails shine in the dark brightly. Its non-toxic and harmless component allow you wear it on your face as well. In addition, customers buy Nail Glitter Power not only for makeup, but also for other purposes including decorating and painting. This product is the coolest way for glowing in the parties; and it is the ideal gift for nail artists and nerds.



Nail Supplies – Nail Glitter Powder – $19.99

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Nail Repairing Cream

Made from natural Chinese herbal ingredients, Nail Repairing Cream strengthens and protects the nails, helps with natural shining effect. This repairing cream has no side effect, and helps kill fungus and eliminate fungal infection, redness, rash, dryness, and irritation.




Nail Repairing Cream – $12.97

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Gradient Nail Art Brush

Comes with 4 replaceable sponge heads for each one, the brushes are reusable and washable. It is a perfect gift for beginners, amateur and professional nail artists and nerds. The Gradient Nail Art Brushes is widely used for DIY paintings, gradient ombre, and other kind of shapes. This nail art pen is ideal for drawing all kinds of shapes, patterns and creating gradient effect.




Gradient Nail Art Brush – $14.95

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Nail Cleaner

Suitable for manicure and pedicure cleaning, this Nail Cleaner papers are super soft, strong, absorbent and sanitary. These nail wipes are ideal nail polish remover finishing wipe. It is made from high quality material, and it leaver no fibres behind. Beside nail art purpose, it is also great for other sanitary uses that everyone must have at home.




Nail Supplies – Nail Cleaner – $19.99

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Nail Supplies – 1Set Professional Electric Nail Kit

1Set Professional Electric Nail Kit is widely used for manicuring, pedicuring, shaping, polishing, remove callus, removing gel and etc. This nail kit is useful for both beginners and professionals. Lightweight and portable, it is easy to use and multipurpose: carving, engraving, routing, grinding, sharpening, sanding, polishing, drilling so on and so forth. 




1Set Professional Electric Nail Kit – $20.97

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Nail Armor Gel

This Keratin rich protective Nail Armor Gel coat gives you stronger and naturally bright beautiful nails. It is easy to apply; under little time after brushing your nails with the gel, the nails will look perfect and strong. Nail Armor Gel is not only good for nail nerds, but also for every one of us to have clean, smooth, strong and beautiful nails.



Nail Armor Gel – $12.95

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Nail Supplies – Nail Gel Polish Remover

Nail Gel Polish Remover is a great, easy, and fast way to remove artificial, acrylic or power dipped nails, and gel polish. Beside removal feature, it is also suitable for nail treatments. This nail art cleaner tool is one of the must have products for both beginners and professional nail artists. In addition, it is comfortable to wear and ideal way to remove the polish without a mess.



Nail Gel Polish Remover- $12.99

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