Gifts for the Mother’s Day 2020

mother's day gift ideas

Mother’s Day are celebrated to honor and our respect and love to the mothers of the families, motherhood, maternal bonds and their impact on society. Although you can show your respect to your mothers everyday in every way, you can also show you can be attentive in Mother’s Day. How? Buying flowers or a small gift can be enough. You can get the Mother’s Day gift ideas in this Mexten blog.


Buying flowers has always been a great idea to show love and respect. If we attach meaning to the colors of flowers, in this case you need to buy pink flowers for relatives and red flowers to your partner. But, if we don’t, then all kinds of flowers are good as a gift. Just make sure that you buy flowers that women love. It can be pot flowers as well, as long as your mother or relative love them, there is no need to worry.

If you want to buy her flowers that will last long and never spoil,  you can consider this Jewelry Flower Box. These flowers look so alive that doesn’t differ from the real ones.

mother's day gift

Also, you can surprise her more by placing another gift under the flower.

mother's day gift

There are many colors available for the flowers.

flower gift box

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Perfumes & Fragrance

Finding her favorite scene is very hard. For Mother’s Day, you need to ask for help from other family member. As we all, women do not use perfume they don’t like. There is no middle for the perfumes, you win or you lose. If she likes, then you win! For that reason, getting help is a must. Or, you can directly ask her favorite scent without spoiling your gift ideas. Also, without being noticed, you can just check her makeup vanity.

mother's day gifts


Did you know that in the Ottoman Empire the best gift to give a lady was mirror? The meaning of buying this gift was “I’m not able to gift you a present that holds more beauty than you.

You might think that mirrors are too simple as a Mother’s Day gift idea. However, it is not, if you use your creativity even the simplest thing may have a huge meaning attached. How? By adding powerful words to a gift card. For instance, you can say:

“I bought this mirror to see your beauty every time you look at yourself.”



It is also one of the wonderful gift ideas for the Mother’s Day. If you write powerful words, as I said above, watches as a gift will have a great meanings.



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For example, you can say that,

“Dear Mom, from this time to now on be happy forever…”


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Some of the photos are taken from Unsplash.