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Kitchen Utensils – Evoking Tears of Joy among Egg Lovers

Mostly people prefer having eggs for breakfast, however over time they get sick of limited variations of cooking their favorite food. For that reason, Mexten provides with a list of various kitchen utensils, firstly, affording to diverse your meal ideas including eggs and, secondly, to reduce the amount of time spent on preparation of food.


Kitchen Utensils – Egg Cracker

No more spills, keep your kitchen always clean and never worry about getting your hands dirty!

It helps to open fresh eggs without making a mess around. By squeezing handles of this item, it is getting possible to crack an egg and at the same time to eliminate shell pieces in the food. An additional attachment to the Egg Cracker separates yolks of eggs from whites. Keeping egg yolk in a little container, it lets the white of an egg to come out into a plate. By the way, the Egg Cracker is quite compact and doesn’t take too much space!



Egg Cracker – $12.95

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Kitchen Utensils – Egg Yolk Separator

It’s faster and cleaner than separating the eggs by hand!

A quite simple and cute gadget for kitchen. The top part of this product is made of a silicone bulb which, in its turn, slurps the yolk up separating it from the egg white. Also this item can be easily cleaned by removing the bulb from its basis. Besides that,it’s a non-toxic and environmentally friendly product. Suitable for cooking souffles, cakes, meringues, egg-white omelets, and other goodies.



Egg Yolk Separator – $12.95

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Stainless Steel Cute Shaped Fried Egg Mold

This cute owl egg-shaped is perfect for your daily life to diverse your breakfast!

Start your day with a smile on your face! There is the set consisting of four different shaped rings: flower, star, circle, and heart. After heating the pan, add eggs into these molds and as they are already cooked, you can take them off. It can be used not only for cooking eggs but also even for pancakes, crumpets. Bon appetit!




Stainless Steel Cute Shaped Fried Egg Mold – $20.99

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Cat Egg Mould

Looking for the purrfect way to start your day?

Breakfast becomes much more attractive and bright with Cat Egg Mould. This fried egg mould is made of food grade silicon material. The principle of the usage is absolutely easy: to place the mould into the pan and crack eggs in it, as the eggs are cooked, take the mould off. Now you can enjoy your breakfast!



Cat Egg Mould –  $12.95

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Egg Timer

Do yo have a problem with understanding when eggs reached the desired boiled level? 

This kitchen tool helps to get rid of undercooked as well as overcooked eggs. A compact timer intended especially for eggs signals whether an egg is cooked or not. This operation occurs by such indicators as the change of colour from red to white and, moreover, there is also a scale with hard-/medium-/ soft-boiled indicators which also point to ready-to-eat eggs. It doesn’t require much efforts only by lowering down Egg Timer is getting possible to taste delicious boiled eggs with creamy yolks.



Egg Timer – $10.99

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Egg Peeler


A newly boiled egg can burn fingers while peeling it, in that case an item instantly removing egg shell stands as a necessary tool in the kitchen. With the help of compressed air the shell is separated from the egg. At the tip of every egg there is a small chamber of air called the Air Cell, pressure forces air and the egg pops out perfectly de-shelled.


egg peeler egg sheller



Egg Peeler – $17.00

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Egg Slicer

An egg slicer is a food preparation utensil used to slice peeled, hard-boiled eggs quickly and evenly!

Cutting products for cooking salad sometimes lasts too long and Egg Slicer may become a useful kitchen utensil. It doesn’t take too much space in your kitchen. It has stainless steel blades for making uniformly sized slices that look great and cook evenly. This slicer has a sturdy frame and 2 handles which is easy and safe to use. Perfect for slicing mushrooms, strawberries, kiwi and also for sandwich fillings and garnishes.

Egg Slicer – $9.99

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Kitchen Utensils Microwavable Double Egg Poacher

Love perfectly poached eggs? Then the Microwavable Double Egg Poacher is the ideal egg cooking tool for you!

Cooking poached eggs in a microwave may seem a difficult task, however by means of a special container it gets easier. It prepares delicious and healthy poached eggs for you. 2 pack design supports to cook 2 eggs simultaneously, effectively save your time and energy. Multifunctional and useful kitchen utensil, can be used to melt chocolate and can be used as cake, dessert and jelly molds.



Microwavable Double Egg Poacher – $17.95

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Hard Boil Egg Cooker

Do you love hard boiled eggs? We have a perfect solution for all those YES answers.

This utensil produces hardboiled eggs on the stove without shells. Six Eggies with bonus egg white separator implements the cooking of hardboiled eggs. You should firstly crack an egg, season it before boiling, after pour in water and an egg into this container, let it boil. In the end each egg will be cooked with a flat bottom and will pop out easily!



Hard Boil Egg Cooker – $12.95

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Egg Kitchen Tools – Bowl Whisks Screen Cover

Love baking, but hate the messy splatters?

The suitable kitchen gadget assisting to prevent messy splashes and splatters around. Fairly practical as it has a hole for mixer in order to protect kitchen tables and walls from splashes. The transparent design enables to see the inside part. Keep your kitchen clean and spotless!



Kitchen Cooking Tools Egg Bowl Whisks Screen Cover –  $25.99

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