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Top 10 Necessary Kitchen Gadgets To Make Cooking Easier and Fun

Preparing food every day makes almost all of us exhausted, as a result we jump into having unhealthy fast food. As Mexten, we had made a list of trend Cool Kitchen Gadgets before; now, we are offering another top ten kitchen tools to help to save your time, stick to your healthy diet, and make your cooking easier and joyful. 


Frying Protection Screen

With this Frying Protection wall will allow to to enjoy your fried meal without leaving a messy oven! Easy to use, clean, and store, you will be glad to have the Frying Protection Screen in your kitchen. Unlike old-fashioned protectors, this innovative screen will save your time and let you enjoy your fried meals without worrying about the mess!



Frying Protection Screen – $22.95 – $29.95

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Magic Strainer Basket

The Magic Stainer Basket is a life-saver! Ideal for boiling, steaming, deep frying and etc., it will be your favorite kitchen tool. It is easy to clean just with water and detergent. The Magic Stainer Basket is a great helper for all ages and for all kinds of meals. Moreover, to fry potatoes, chicken, and other fried foods will be much easier and faster way to cook.



Magic Stainer Basket – $17.95

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Rainbow Nozzle Converter

With the Rainbow Nozzle Converter you will add cute and colorful effects to your cookies, cakes, cupcakes and etc. From children to adults, this 3-Color decorating nozzle will add much fun to cooking process and everyone will adore working with it! In addition, it is a great gift for cupcake nerds. Choose your 3 favorite colors and easily pipe, and let the children, family member, guests and friends adore these rainbow decors!



Rainbow Nozzle Converter – $1.01

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Sushi Bazooka

Sushi Bazooka is one of the must have tools for sushi lovers! Very easy to use, you will save your time and energy without putting a lot of effort to make perfect shaped Sushi Rolls. Preparing Sushi for your guests will be much easier and fun. Purchase for yourself or your sushi lover friend; and Sushi Bazooka will be everyone’s favorite kitchen tool.



Sushi Bazooka – $22.95

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Vegetable Roller Spiral Slicer

With the Vegetable Slicer you will make spiral shaped vegetables that will add extra beauty to your meals. Easy to clean, handle, use and cut, it is lightweight and very practical. In addition, the spiral shapes will wake up interest and curiosity of your children in vegetables.



Vegetable Roller Spiral Slicer – $12.95

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Tomato Grape Slicer

Convenient for making fruit and vegetable salads, snack, and etc., once you use it, you will never use knife for slicing your vegetables. This Slicer is a life-saver; it can slice the vegetables in seconds. Very useful for everyday use, restaurants and etc. for a lot guests to save time. The Slicer is widely used for most seedless fruits such as grapes, cherry tomatoes, strawberries and etc.



Tomato Grape Slicer – $23.97

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Donut Mold

Donut Mold is a cool accessory for baking nerds! Very suitable for using with fondant cakes, sugar paste, petal paste, marzipan DIY cooking or craft clays and etc. It is ideal tool for baking medium-sized cakes and donuts. Donut Mold is made from high quality durable plastic; it is reusable and easy to use and clean.



Donut Mold – $12.95

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Plastic Orange Peelers

Peeling orange is considered one of the annoying things for most of the people. This Plastic Orange Peelers is very useful and fun for everyone: children to adult people. It is very practical, safe, hygienic, durable and lightweight. The Peeler is one of the cool kitchen tools that saves your time and make peeling a lot easier.



Plastic Orange Peelers – $9.95

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Anti-Scald Plate Holder

With the Anti-Scald Plate Holder you will never hurt yourself by carrying hot bowls, dishes, plates, and etc. Very practical and durable, the Holder is one of the must have kitchen tools for every houses. The Holder is very convenient to use by the all ages from children to old people. Moreover, it is ideal tool for people with arthritis and other mobilities.



Anti-Scald Plate Holder – $18.95

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Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Cap

This innovative Knife Cap allows you cut tough meat and other foods without hurting yourself. Very suitable for cutting hard meat such as pork, turkey, beef bones, fish, chicken and etc. It is small and lightweight but very helpful requires to little space. Made from high quality stainless steel and plastic material makes it durable and long-lasting.



Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Cap – $13.95

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