What To Do When There is Radiation? Chernobyl Update


While dealing with the challenges and limitation of Coronvirus epidemic, there has risen a new threat: rising Chernobyl radiation in Ukraine. The Chernobyl Exclusion zone is on fire and the radiation levels are spiking. A fire covering around 50 sections of land broke out on Saturday evening close the town of Vladimirovka. This town is inside the uninhabited Chernobyl avoidance zone. The fire had triggered radiation fears in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. This city is positioned about 60 miles south of the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Moreover, police have arrested a suspect believed to have caused the blaze. He is a 27-year-old man from the location who reportedly told police he had set grass and rubbish on furnace in three locations “for fun”. After he had lit the fires, he said, the wind had picked up and he had been unable to stop it.

The flames engulfed about 250 acres within the 1,000-square-mile exclusion zone. The fire caused radiation levels to go up to 16 times above normal.

Back in 1980s, the government passed measures to eliminate the effects of the radiation. What is interesting is that there are similarities between Chernobyl radiation and Coronavirus regulations. Here are the similarities of the measures:

  1. Decontamination
  2. Face Masks for Protection
  3. Washing Hands
  4. Thorough Wet Cleaning
  5. Staying Home

Source: Chernobyl Welcome

So, it seems that while fighting with COVID-19, people need to protect themselves from radiation as well. How can you protect yourself?

Before getting to the points, you might want to know about how to know if there is a radiation nearby.

Radiation Detector

This tool helps you know the radiation level around you. If you live in Ukraine, then this gadget is a must have device. This tool can measure nuclear, electromagnetic or light radiation.

radiation detector




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Protect Yourself From Radiation

Some of us belong to the new generation, we haven’t experienced Chernobyl radiation period, fortunately. We cannot know the exact ways of protecting ourselves. However, as I stated above, there are some used ways by the government of Ukraine in those times. Here are the tips you can follow.

1. Wash Your Hands

As it’s been proved back in 1980s, washing hands with soap frequently will reduce the risk of affecting by radiation.

2. Stay at Home

Home isolation might be the best solution rather than going out and increase the chance of radiation effects or any other diseases. Stay at home, find yourself an activity to improve yourself, or learn something that you have always wanted but never had a chance to do.

3. Wear Mask and Coverall

Yes, in 1986 government suggestions included wearing protective clothes. Wearing face masks, coveralls, and hats can prevent radiation affect to your skin.

Disposable Latex Gloves

Latex offers better resistance to punctures than vinyl and protects against many common and specialty chemicals, especially water-soluble substances.

100PCS Disposable Latex Gloves




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Disposable Coverall

Wide Application: Medical protection, special experiment, food workshop, disinfection and radiation protection, product testing, epidemic prevention, and control. It can effectively isolate the splashing of oral foam in work and another surrounding environment. Also, small sharp splash impact of iron chips, crushed stones, chemical spatter, etc.





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Protective Mask

So, yes. Back in 1986, people were wearing protective masks when they went out. This mask has 5 layers of filter protection.

Moreover, mask filter is an optimal solution for preventing airborne particles, dust, seasonal allergies, smog, pollution, ash, garden pollen, etc. It is the most suitable for most occasions.




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Final Words

In conclusion, what a strange year 2020 is, isn’t it? It began with forest fires, the potential occurrence of WWIII, then it follows the coronavirus epidemic, and now rising radiation in Chernobyl again. Even it is said that an asteroid can hit the Earth at the end of April. We don’t know, life is full of possibilities. Mexten wishes you the best and wish you well during this challenging time. Hope everyone keeps safe!