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To do the same work and activities every day can be tiring, boring, and exhausting. However, there are innovative tools, gadgets, and equipment that make your activities a lot easier and even fun. Mexten has made that list of those home gadgets and equipment that will make your every day house works easier with much less effort.


Home Gadgets – Handheld Steamer

One of the best gifts for a travel lovers, Handheld Steamer is also a must have product for every house. It is lightweight and portable, and can save your storage while traveling. Convenient for any clothes and material, Handheld Steamer kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and remove all the spots and dirts from your clothes. It heat up within 30 seconds and make your life easier.



Home Gadgets – Handheld Steamer – $86.95

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Soft Grip Grocery Bag Handle

Bag Handle is one of the must have item to have in every home. Its soft grip design eliminated hands fatigue caused by many heavy bags. High quality and durable Bag Handle allows you to carry more than one bag at once and it ease your work a lot!



Soft Grip Grocery Bag Handle – $12.97

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Anti-Slip Tape

Very easy to install, Anti-Slip Tape is ideal for any hard or soft slippery surfaces like porcelain, fiberglass, wood, and etc. It will prevent old people, pets and children from falling down and hurt themselves. With high quality adhesive grip, it will last for a couple of years. In addition, Anti-Slip Tape will prevent the surfaces from getting any dirt, bacteria and mold as well.



Anti-Slip Tape – $12.95

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Adjustable Stretch Plastic Drawer Divider

After buying this Plastic Drawer Divider, you will no more need to buy new furniture for much space. It helps you have a neat and organized drawer. Ideal for kitchen, bath, office, child’s room and etc, this Drawer Divider is durable and made from high quality plastic. After purchasing the Plastic Divider there will be no more messy drawers and you will easily find and organize your items.



Adjustable Stretch Plastic Drawer Divider – $14.95

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Home Gadgets – Laser Scissors

Ideal for people who work a lot with scissors, Laser Scissors cuts faster and accurately. Its high quality material makes it durable, and it cuts straight and faster than any other scissors. Moreover, it is one of the ideal gifts for craft nerds and people living with arthritis.



Home Gadgets – Laser Scissors – $14.95

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Scrub Sponge Gloves

With its two-in-one feature, Scrub Sponge Gloves allows you to save your hands from germs and chemicals and easily wash your dishes with sponge attached to it. This washing up gloves is must have for your mother, wife and etc, to care their hands. The two-in-one Scrub Sponge Gloves is a time-saver, and it is easier to wash the dishes quickly. In addition, its high quality material makes it durable and long-lasting.


Scrub Sponge Gloves – $15.97

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Magnetic Tool Wristband

Magnetic Tool Wristband makes it comfortable working with screws, nails, drill bits, screwdrivers, and other little tools. After purchasing this wristband you will no more lose your little tools and you will not need to recruit people to hold materials for you. In addition, it will save your time and make your working process much easier.




Magnetic Tool Wristband – $15.97

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Water Spraying Mop

After purchasing the Water Spraying Mop you will no more need any specific cleaning agents and battery power. With this product you will clean the floors without tiring and much effort. In addition, its 360° rotating mop head makes cleaning process comfortable. The Water Spraying Mop sprays the water, cleans hardwood, tile, marble, ceramic, and laminate flooring gently and perfectly. 



Water Spraying Mop – $43.97

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Home Gadgets – Mosquito Killer Light Trap Repellent

Mosquito Killer Light Trap is necessary home gadget for better sleep and environment at house. It is non-toxic, radiation and chemical free, environmentally friendly and safe. Mosquito Killer can be easily charged by tablet, power bank or phone charger. Its silent mode does not disturb you while doing its job effectively.



Mosquito Killer Light Trap Repellent – $22.99

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Device Mount Shower Curtain

With Device Mount Shower Curtain, now it is possible to play games, listen musics and change the songs, watch your favorite TV Show while taking shower! It comes with different height levels for all children to adults that everyone can enjoy! Its material is waterproof, and it allows you to use touch screen without getting wet. Suitable for all kinds of smartphones and tablets, it is perfect gift for home use.



Home Gadgets – Device Mount Shower Curtain – $51.95

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