Home Decor Accessories Ideas in 2021

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We want our surroundings comfortable, beautiful, appealing, and etc. in our house. There are some home decor accessories that ease your works, make your rooms attractive, and creates a peaceful and charming atmosphere. With these accessories, you create a peaceful environment in your house and make it more beautiful. Check out the list consist of cool home accessories and decorations that the Mexten has made for you! 

Meditating Buddha

While having a beautiful small Meditating Buddha statue in your house, you can also make a positive and relaxing atmosphere by Backflow Incense. Very simple and fun to use, Meditating Buddha creates an illusion of a Smokey Waterfall. It comes with 6 backflow incense cones, and it is easy to clean and remove dirt. To make additional decor and perfect atmosphere in your house, do not hesitate to purchase this housewarming Meditating Buddha statue.



Meditating Buddha – $20.99

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Mini Bulb Humidifier

Powered by any USB power source, the Mini Bulb Humidifier makes it portable with a power bank. It is very easy to use; all you have to do is just filling the bulb with water and plug into USB. It has seven changing colors; auto-changing mode and sticking on one color mode are available. Suitable for home, office, hotel, cafe, a school so on, and so forth, it will provide color and fun to your life. In addition, it is very suitable to use as a decoration as well.



Mini Bulb Humidifier – $32.99

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp is an ideal decoration for both office and home; it is widely used for lighting, decoration, and air purifying. In addition, its stunning design keeps your anxiety under control and create a peaceful atmosphere in a room. Pure crystal salts of Himalayan mountains, create a unique ambiance and helps to sleep. Moreover, it purifies the harmful negative ions produced by our environment including computers, refrigerators, televisions and etc.



Himalayan Salt Lamp – $29.99

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3D Lamp Led Clock

Bright LED 3D illumination effect of a clock will look very cool in your house. Made of very high- quality patterns, it creates an attractive 3D stereoscopic visual pattern and lighting effects. In addition, its LED lights are soft that does not make a person feel dazed; it is safe that the lamp does not cause a high temperature. Moreover, being creative, 3D Lamp Led Clock is a good choice as a gift as well.



3D Lamp Led Clock – $37.99

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New Solar Powered Mosaic Glass Ball

Solar Powered Mosaic Glass Ball is a new trend choice of people for decoration! The High quality effect does not make you feel dazzling at night. Furthermore, it is waterproof that is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. It has an automatic switch; it is sensitive to the light. Very convenient to use, the Mosaic Glass Ball will add extra beauty to your indoor and outdoor decoration.



Mosaic Glass Ball – $41.97

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Sequin Cushion Covers

Sequin Cushion Covers now is the number one choice of people for decoration. Easy to wash in the machine, and dry, you will never have even little inconvenience with it. It can be used for a pillow, sofa, chair and etc., you will never regret to have it in your house. Beside its classy look and design, it is very comfortable to lay your head. Purchase now and let your guests amaze the view of your decoration!



Sequin Cushion Covers – $12.95 – $12.98

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Secret Clock

With this Wall Secret Clock, you will have a hidden safe and a clock at the same time! It will hide your necessary documents, keys, jewelry, bank cards, and other valuables safe. Made of high quality plastic and iron, it has a sleek and classic design. Moreover, the Hidden Safe’s color and design will fit in your wallpaper. In addition, it is a cool gift for those who loves hiding secret items.



Secret Clock – $43.95

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Mirror Wall Decor Stickers

Very easy to install, these Mirror Wall Decor Stickers are amazing for making your wall art at a cheap price. These Mirror Stickers will give classy look to your wall. Comes with two colors, the sticky mirrors will look perfect on almost any kind of color.  With these honeycomb shaped mirrors, you can design your wall as you like. In addition, besides its fashionable design, the mirror effect is very effective.



Mirror Wall Decor Stickers – $9.99

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Star Shaped Led Light Pillow

From children to adults – everyone adores this Star Shaped Led Light Pillow! Being one of the coolest room decors accessories, your children and you will love their lights at the nights. Suitable for bedroom, living room, children room and anywhere you wish! Moreover, it is made of comfortable and soft fabric that does not make it only decoration accessory. Purchase now for your children and let them never be scared at nights.



Star Shaped LED Light Pillow – $17.90

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Glass Plant Terrarium

Glass Terrarium is one of the items that a plant lover person must have in her house! Made of high quality and not easily broken glass, the Plant Terrarium will make additional beauty in every room in your house, office, and etc. You can use your creativity and add some cobbles or cockles to make your terrarium much more attractive. In addition, the Glass Plant Terrarium is one of the best gifts to send to loved ones.



Glass Plant Terrarium – $24.94

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