Halloween Decorations with Mexten – Halloween Products in 2021

Halloween Decorations Products are an inevitable part of the Halloween eve. Halloween is a traditional celebration. Many European cultural traditions hold that Halloween was a pagan festival, around the idea of linking the living with the dead, when contact became possible between the spirits and the physical world, and magical things were more likely to happen. Many people celebrate by having costume parties and playing special games like bobbing for apples and telling ghost stories, also make lamps out of pumpkins. Children go “trick or treating” – knocking on doors in their trusted neighborhoods collecting candy. In this post, I will show you a must-buy Halloween decorations products to buy.


You want to make your family members, friends happy. Here is Mexten provides you 10 fascinating Halloween Decorations products that you need to gift to someone.


Venom Mask

Very Cool !!! An Awesome Conversation Piece, Your Friend or Family Was Surprised!

If you are looking for an easy way to get a really frightening and scary look for your costume party or for a haunted house, these masks are a great place to start. 

The Venom Mask suit for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, carnival, costume parties, tag party or simply for going to a night club.

It is also possible to play with the kids at home or on weekends. Anyway, you will see plenty of use at times other than Halloween!


Venom Mask

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Halloween Skeleton LED Mask

A fun way for lighting your Halloween costume party!

The Halloween mask led control to have 3 lighting modes: Steady Light, Slow flash, Fast flash. Make you stand out of the crowd and light up your Halloween! Clip the power pack to your pocket or onto your clothing. You can take it anywhere.



Halloween Skeleton LED Mask$19.95

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Halloween Decoration – Animated Eyeball Doorbell

This amazing magical doorbell will be scary on Halloween night!

Once the button is pressed, the Skull/Pumpkin /Vampire eyes will light up and make a sound to create a creepy effect.

Or Visitors to Your Haunted House! Install on door, to scare some candy goblins and mission accomplished!

Great Joke Gag Toy Gift for Halloween Decorations! Fun and creative designs highlight the mysterious and festive atmosphere. It is perfect for all kinds of parties which can bring more fun and excitement to the party.



Halloween Decoration – Animated Eyeball Doorbell$35.95

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Halloween DJ Mask Neon

It can enhance a more happy and active atmosphere for your festival or party when you wear it!

Halloween mask with LED EL lightening wire makes you stand out in any party, clubs or other festival events. 

It can be worn by everyone mesh design in the eyes and mouth area, which allows you to breathe and see easily. Halloween costumes masks can perfect conforms to the curves of your face. Elastic band with an adjustable belt also equipped for easy adjusting and maximum comfortable.



Halloween DJ Mask Neon$25.95

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Fox Full Face Neon Mask

These amazing light-up masks turn any festival outfit into a light show of awesome!

Shining and Attractive. Pretty cool and fashion, it will make you the star of parties.

Comfortable to wear, it is perfect for males and females, both young, teen and old.

Suitable for all kinds of festivals, shows, bars, disco,ktv, nightclub, and other places. It can be used as toys for children, too.



Fox Full Face Neon Mask$25.95

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LED Stick Figure Kit

Glow up on your next costume party with this versatile glowing stick costume!

LED Stick Figure Kit can be formed to any shape and design you want. It can also be cut to any size to perfectly suit your desired costume. It has three modes which are steady, slow flashing and quick flashing. 


LED Stick Figure Kit$11.95

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Purge Led Mask

This Incredibly Unique And Exclusive Light Up Halloween Mask Is Really One Of A Kind!

It is the ultimate party mask once the lights are off. Match it with anything! It makes the perfect costume for Halloween Decorations, or bring it to a wild night out at the festivals & raves.

This Purge LED mask is sure to create a mysterious & festive atmosphere at any occasion, just like in the movie.



Purge Led Mask $22.95

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Led Halloween Mask

Halloween is coming but you don’t have a suitable mask for your dress?

If yes, then the Cool Led Mask rescues you. This Cool LED Mask is the Ultimate Mask made for any hardcore party-goers for a standout appearance in Music festivals and Parties. Buy it for impressing and having a good time with your friends!

The mask is equipped with the sound sensor and is flashing depending on how the music plays. Using this mask you will make yourself cool and flashing in the group. 



Led Halloween Mask$18.95

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Bottle Light For Halloween Decorations

A New Way To Recycle Bottles With Romance And DIY Fun!

Suitable for most of the bottle! Due to the flexible silver wire, they can be easily designed for any DIY shape as you like.

Super bright, low power consumption, powered by Battery. The copper wire is flexible and bendable, easy to set any shape. Newest design of power on/off switch, simply twist and tighten the light cap to light up the bottle light and loosen the cap to off, very easy to use, enjoy these amazing glowing flashing light for yourself.



Bottle Light$12.95

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Camouflage Skeleton Mask

Offers full face and head protection, when you’re on your favorite extreme outdoors sports!

The lens is made of PC material, tenacious, wear-resistant; Frame and mask are both made of TPU material with strong toughness, it can strongly prevent from Shooting hit 150 m/SEC within 10M.

Ideal for Paintball, Mountain Bike Race, Tactic game, Live CS game, Airsoft or BB Gun competition, Survival game, Cosplay, Outdoor Party, Halloween, gun battles, Costume ball. Thanks to the perforated mouth area, you can also breathe freely with the mask on even during the most intensive activities. 



Camouflage Skeleton Mask – $49.95

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