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Hairstyle products are used to change the texture and/or shape of hair, or to hold a hairstyle in place. Hairstyling products have had a significant impact on the creation of various hairstyles and trends throughout history.Check out the list consist of best hair care products that the Mexten has made for you!


Hair Care Products – Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for Healty Skin and Hair

Tropicana 100% Natural Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is Good for your healthy hair ans skin, enriched Lauric Acid which is a ‘medium chain fatty acid’ which highly useful as an additional to form monolaurin inside the body of human. Lauric Acid is antibacterial characteristics and anti-oxidant. When it apply to your skin softly, it is non-greasy and hypoallergenic.Apply the skin after taking a bath for restoring the moisture, keeping youthful and anti aging result. Remove the cosmetics.

organic extra virgin




Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil-$60.99

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Professional Automatic Hair Curler

Hair is automatically drawn into the tourmaline ceramic curl chamber where it is gently held, timed and heated from all directions to effortlessly form a perfect curl. Suitable for all hair lengths and types. Automatic curly hair. The hot design. Constant temperature conditioning. With smart automatic design, it is quite convenient to take everywhere, no matter traveling, party or any other occasions.



Hair Care Products – Professional Automatic Hair Curler-$64.95

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Portable Soft Waves Curler

It is easy to use and healthier for your hair than curling irons or hot rollers that can burn hair, just like having a hair dryer and curler in one! Twirl a head full of curls in just seconds. Perfect for lazy days where you showered and don’t want to hassle with drying your hair then using other heat styling tools to get nice curls! You can just keep using your dryer!



Portable Soft Waves Curler-$29.95

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Hair Care Products – Best Natural Oil For Hair Growth

Women’s Natural Fast Hair Growth Solution with Essential Oil comes in a 20ml. bottle and works by naturally activating dormant hair follicle germ tissue on the scalp as well as blocking DHT production, thus promoting rapid growth and nourishment of hair due to its unique organic ingredients. Hair can become, thicker, longer and fuller within 30 days of use. However, results can been seen within the first 2 weeks of treatment on the scalp because of the 13 active organics ingredients which include; Ginseng, Chinese Knotweed, Grape Seed Oil, and Ginger.




Best Natural Oil For Hair Growth-$12.95

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Hair Curl Diffuser

It is safe to use, comfortable, and convenient. With special design, it can change the wind direction and make the hair slightly in draft, doesn’t blow out the style. The bonnet can be used for deep conditioning, hot oils and heat treatments. Just use it with hair dryer.




Hair Curl Diffuser-$17.95

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Temporary Non-toxic Hair Mascara

Change Your Look Instantly:If you’ve somewhere to go and need to get ready quickly, our hair color chalk will quickly help you change your look. Mul and Match hair Colors. Repeat with different hair colors to get just the look you want.then Dry your hair with a hairdryer. Washable hair color comb for hair dye-safe for kids for party cosplay DIY. There are 6 bright colors to choose from. Change your look to reflect your mood easily and quickly.




Hair Care Products – Temporary Non-toxic Hair Mascara-$12.95

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Curl Round Styling Hair Brush with Detachable Roller

Curl Round Styling Brush Tools are the secret to a salon quality blowout (a style that is synonymous with royalty, movie stars and socialites), complete with amazing volume and stunning loose curl. The brush is as easy to use as a conventional round brush but produces superior results and can cut your hairstyling routine in half.

buy Curl Round Styling Hair Brush with Detachable Roller




Curl Round Styling Hair Brush-$43.95

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Laser Comb

Soft infrared helps enhance blood circulation, so that the oxygen and nutrients can be sent to hair follicle, to prevent hair loss and achieve hair regeneration. It also regulates oil secretion, promotes hair health and improves hair quality. The frequent use of the laser comb can accelerate hair growth, and strengthen the hair’s tightness, proximity and flexibility.

buy Laser Comb




Laser Comb-$21.97

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Hair Scalp Massager

Can be used in a bathroom. Gently stimulates your scalp to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Relieves tension and promotes a good sleep. Vibrate on the scalp of several thousand times per minute. Stimulate to the scalp gently and give you a healthy state. Helps to remove and prevent collections of shampoo residue, which will leave your hair dull and limp. Firm bristles shampoo and other hair treatments into the thickest hair. Made of high quality and durable ABS and silicone. Avoid contacting the scalp directly with the nail. Reduce bacteria and imitate scratching the scalp.




Hair Scalp Massager-$20.97

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Ionic Hair Straightener Brush for Silky Frizz-Free Hair

Stylists don’t understand your request, waiting in line for a long time? Do you want smooth and shiny hair? Solve them all with Professional Hair Straightener now! Easy, simple and safe! You can experience gorgeous sleek salon hairstyles every day at home, in a hotel or anywhere you want.




Ionic Hair Straightener Brush-$49.99

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