7 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day in 2020

gifts for father's day

We have only a couple of weeks to celebrate the Father’s Day, and appreciate all their hard work like we do when we honor motherhood on the Mother’s Day. “Father’s Day is a day of honoring fatherhood, paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society” says Wikipedia. Jokes aside, don’t you think that it is not acceptable to give only socks or belt to men as a gift no more? In this blog post, Mexten presents you several gift ideas for Father’s Day. We do not like splitting gift categories into men and women, saying gifts for women or men. But still, here we go saying that enjoy the blog about gift ideas for fathers!


DVR Camera for Car

If your father has a car, then this DVR camera can surprise him. Very easy to use, this product is a must have for every car owner. This camera video record any accident that may happen. Its storage is either SD car or flash card. So, you can put any memory card as you wish for storage of many video records. What is wonderful about this product is that dashboard cameras that transmit the images can make the video record available for viewing or storage at a remote location.

gifts for father's day




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Minimalist Invisible Wallet

Old school fathers love wearing this kind of wallet! So, this is a cool gift for Father’s Day. This invisible wallet is unisex. Minimalist Invisible Wallet requires no pocket or belt to provide you with an easy and safe solution for carrying your cards, phone or passport. Carrying your cell phone, cards or passport is so easy with this wallet. You can also hide them behind your belt or waistband, which will make it invisible and absolutely safe.




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Mi Smart Band 4

This watch allows you to get accurate data about your daily activities. This fitness tracker can track your heart rate 24 hours automatically and continuously. Mi smart Band 4 is water resistant. It approves activity reminders, alarm clock, multimedia control, message notification. Plus, it controls your camera and change your music as you wish, by KEEPING YOUR HANDS FREE. Also, another cool thing about this watch is that it warns you if you are leaving your phone at a certain distance.  




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Remote Controller Metal Clone

It is tiring when you stop your car, get out, open the garage’s door and then come back and drive again. So, this is one of the best gifts for Father’s Day to surprise them! Moreover, this remote controller has multiple usage. It works with remote controls for car sunroofs, garage doors, rolling gates, heating systems, wireless anti-theft device, cars, home automation, and more!




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Redline Triple LED Tailgate Light

This tailgate light is as cool as protective. 3 times more powerful than the standard single light bar, this product will protect you from unwanted situations. Also, besides its protective function, this LED tailgate is cool to have on a car. Buy this to delight your father!




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Smart Adapter Card Storage

Is it only me complaining or everyone is tired of carrying tons of cables and adapters on for different occasions? Smart Adaptor Card Storage is a revolutionary design that integrates all the essential and most frequently used tech accessories and storage in a credit card-sized kit! If you have seen your father is frustrated carrying a lot of cables with himself, then you need to consider this adapter for the Father’s Day!




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Magnetic Multi-function Wristwatch

This is the coolest watch Mexten offers! The watch features two ball bearings that use magnetized technology to travel around the face of the watch. This magnetic watch is a must have for every watch-lover! So, if your father wears watch, let him have this for the Father’s Day!




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Finally, thank you for reading our blog about gift ideas for Father’s Day. Do you have special idea for your father? Let us know!