Gaming Accessories for Game Lovers in 2021

Video games have been broadly successful to capture many people’s attention and gain their love. Game lovers are always looking for devices that increases their gaming experience. Whether you want to have for yourself or you want to make a gift to your gamer friends, these are the top 10 gaming accessories and gadgets listed on Mexten for you.


Gaming Accessories – Gaming Console With Retro Games

Many Retro Games, Recover Your Childhood Memory!

This is a retro TV video game consoles of the 80s of the last century, it collected a lot of last century game. Game controls using cross keys, which is easy to operate, with two handles that give a better invite and friends of the family or playmate to play games. It will take you back to your childhood. Free and comfortable playing games without sitting close to the TV.  Dual Controllers are easy to operate and suitable for action games.



Gaming Console With Retro Games – $32.95

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Joystick Grip Extended Handle Game Controller for All SmartPhone

Joystick Grip was born to bring more changes in gamers’ daily life.

It features the integration of a phone grip and a stick-on joystick. The solid-built phone grip is not only your phone stand but upgrades your gaming experience to the next level. The stick-on joystick solves the problem of the clumsiness of the touch-screen joystick, controlling your game character’ every motion more precisely. Ideal for any game has an on-screen control pad like Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, FIFA mobile, Dragon Nest SEA, GTA and etc


Joystick Grip Extended Handle Game Controller for All SmartPhone – $24.95

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Gaming Accessories – NanoLite Pocket Game

8-bit NanoLite Pocket Game with 129 retro games all on one handy little pocket rocket game console!

If you’ve ever wanted to hop into a time machine and experience the 90’s one last time, congratulations because you’re in luck! You finally have the chance to play those classic video games that you’ve come to know and love. The graphics have been enhanced and improved, ensuring you crystal clear visuals that you’ve never seen before.



NanoLite Pocket Game – $30.95

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Gaming Accessories – Mini Laptop Cooling Extractor

Compact, stylish, innovation, quiet design, SUPER for PLAYING GAMES!

The product is extracted from the vents in the notebook computer hardware comes out of the heat, so that the rapid flow of air inside the computer, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling. The product is a new notebook cooling equipment, Mini Laptop Cooling Extractor is more scientific and more efficient when compared to conventional cooling equipment. It allows faster extraction of the hot air out of a running system, which stabilizes the operation of the notebook and prolongs its lifetime. 4 different sizes of clips included for fastening to air outlet, compatible for all major notebook brands. Light and handy, it is very convenient for storage and carrying. Suitable computer, the outlet length is less than 9 cm, height of less than 1.5 cm



Mini Laptop Cooling Extractor – $19.95

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Gaming Accessories – Comfortable Nintendo Switch Case

Do your hands get tired after playing for a while on your Nintendo Switch?

Our bundle will make your console more attractive and easy to play on! Not only does it prevent hand fatigue it also protects your SWITCH. The Comfortable Nintendo Switch Case can protect your device from everyday bumps, drops, shocks, scratches, dust and fingerprints. It’s the perfect balance of flexibility. It has precise cutouts for easy access to all ports, buttons, speaker and camera.



Comfortable Nintendo Switch Case – $19.95

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World Map Mouse Pad

Improve your gaming style, beat your opponents, and enjoy unparalleled precision!

This gaming product neatly fits on glass surfaces, desks & tables allowing an easy solution for game play. It is Perfect for tablets, computers, televisions and video game systems. World map mousepad is designed to accommodate even your most demanding playing needs, this large mouse pad is crafted with a clever anti slip rubber base. Forget about slipping keyboards, your mouse sliding and cracked mats. Now your mouse moves smoothly and rapidly any direction you want.



World Map Mouse Pad – $20.95 – $28.95

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Gaming Accessories – Wireless Gaming Mouse

Are you Gamer? If yes, we have a tool for you!

You need just plug mini adapter and Wireless Gaming Mouse plays. It is wireless transmission, the operation distance is up to 10 meters. It has power switch for saving power. With 6 keys, including scroll wheel, page forward and page backward buttons make easy for Internet surfing.



Wireless Gaming Mouse –$22.10

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Gaming Accessories – Game Over Mug

Refill when you see “GAME OVER” at the bottom!

The Game Over mug is a coffee mug that’s shaped like what looks to be a PS3 or PS4 controller without breaking any trademarks of course, with controller grips protruding from both sides of the mug. No longer will you be able to lose at just your video games and life, now you can drink your coffee, and once completed you will be notified that you have once again lost with large ‘GAME OVER’ text printed on the bottom of the inside of the mug. A perfect gift for a gamer, all around geek, or just your weirdo coffee mug collector (I’m sure they’re out there), the Game Over mug is sure to assist your coffee drinking needs while also letting your entire office know you still live in your parent’s basement.







Gaming Gadgets – Android/iOS Gamepad

Unique and ergonomic design offers you a perfect gaming experience!

The Android iOS Gamepad is a wireless Bluetooth game controller designed for cross-platform use on Android and iOS smartphone as well as a TV box, PC, and smart TV. Dual analogue joysticks and well-positioned buttons provide a better gaming experience, particularly suitable for games that require a lot of precision and fast movement. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery can last for around 40 hours after full of charge.




Android/iOS Gamepad – $19.95

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Gaming Gadgets – GameBoy iPhone Case

It is your perfect retro portable game partner!

Enjoy games at your spare time: have fun just like back to childhood, whether in the plane, traveling, waiting for a taxi, family day or friends gathering, very relaxed, not boring anymore. It is ideal gift for self, family, friends, relatives, customers and so on. Sensitive keys, high quality materials, comfortable feel, easy to operate!



GameBoy iPhone Case – $37.95

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