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Top Desk Accessories in 2021

Desk accessories heavily affects to your environment. A fancy desk setup isn’t necessary for keeping a job, but the right homey and visually interesting accessories can at least make your office — the place where you spend most of your daytime hours — more inviting and (who knows?) may even boost your creativity. I believe everyone deserves to have a desk, cubicle, or office that encourages them to work hard and feel great every day. If you feel like your desk’s missing that spark, you’re probably just in need of some key items. You can find those desk accessories in Mexten.



Desk Accessories – Multi functional Electric Scissors

Have you ever tried scissors that cut AUTOMATICALLY?!

This heavy-duty Multi functional Electric Scissors is designed with battery power so you can easily cut through multiple layers of cloth at the same time without cutting your own fingers! It’s perfect for decorating scrapbooks, quilting, sewing or any other DIY artworks. All artwork can be done more quickly and efficiently! 

  • Lightweight, portable, & easy to use – an essential to any crafter’s collection of tools
  • Durable construction –  a blunt-ended tip to protect against injury
  • Cordless design – allows unencumbered maneuverability & convenient toting from room to room
  • Comfortable handle – ensures a secure hold




Multi-functional Electric Scissors-$17.95

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Adjustable Screen Shelf – Desk Accessories


Little things are great! Organize and collect small items on your desk, to make a comfortable working environment. Do you want some extra storage on your computer or TV? The Adjustable Screen Shelf is one of the perfect desk accessories! It’s designed to hold your small trinkets and knickknacks and keep them always within reach. Because screens have gotten thinner, there isn’t any extra space to hold your remote, picture frames, or your favorite toy. The screen shelf gives you that space—attach it to your computer screen or TV screen and you’re set!



Adjustable Screen Shelf- $9.95

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Staples Free Stapler


This is one of the best desk accessories to have in your office!

Have you ever had to staple something and not found staples in stapler? Those days are over. With our Staples Free Stapler, you’ll never need to buy staples ever again.The unique technology attaches the sheets into one another, making it even more environmentally friendly since fewer resources are consumed.Papers can be fixed together very firm and at the same time shredding such stapled documents is now much easier too, as there are no staples that have to be removed beforehand.



Staples Free Stapler-$17.95    

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 Desk Accessories – Wireless Touch Mouse

 Enjoy browsing or gaming! Buy this Ultra thin Wireless Touch Mouse now!

Technology is evolving.We need a handy gadget that can respond precisely to the speed of our finger movements. Upgrade to a smaller and stylish mouse with the Wireless Touch Mouse!The Magic Mouse has a built-in transmission strength of 2.4 GHz, for continuous wireless use and without interruptions ranging up to a 10-meter working range. Designed with 1200 dpi for a more accurate and precise mouse movement. Suitable for home, gaming or office use. It is a lightweight, slim design, just one USB port, plug, and play, perfect for travel, easy to store in your laptop bag or pockets.



Wireless Touch Mouse- $25.95       

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Magnetic Steel Sticks and Balls

It is time to build your own world in real life with the desk accessories! 

You Can Realize Anything In Your Mind with your creative brain and hands! Creative and Hot Puzzle! It is a really wonderful toy for teens to Decompression /Intellectual development and adults to release stress/reduce anxiety. Let you walk into the world of craving, all kinds of creative styling waiting for you to fight! What shape do you want to put on your styling, release your brain, and move your hands. Strong magnetic upgrade, it is easier to assemble! The finished product is firm, not easy to deform, and it is not easy to fall apart. Elegant glossy finish, looking nice on the desk and providing a creative outlet. These magnetic rods, and metal balls toys are made with durable materials. Suitable for office use, used for creativity and craft decoration on your desktop.



 Magnetic Steel Sticks and Balls-$22.95

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Reusable Notebook


It is a magical TREE-FREE notebook. All paper is acid-free fine-grained paper. The cover is made of hard, untearable plastic. Put it wherever you want, and it will be brand new as always. For the innovation appreciator, product lovers & pioneering early adopters. Now your notes are safe and organized in your smartphone or tablet. You may name your notes, manage them to different folders, edit them if needed and quickly search them whenever you need.If you suffer from messy notes or you want to save paper and trees, then order now!



 Reusable Notebook-$31.95 – $33.95

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Portable Smart LCD Writing Tablet – Desk Accessories

No More Need For Paper, Never Need To Charge With This Smart Writing Tablet!

This smart electronic board allows you to write, draw and doodle in a very easy and portable way.This doodle saves trees, reusable and durable, it is a paperless smart device. This premium LCD writing tablet is made by LCD pressure-sensitive technology, ultra-bright, and ultra-light, just like writing with a pen or paper. Your health is not neglected, no radiation, and glare with good protection for eyes. Very easy while erasing and using. It will also make a great gift for both kids and adults.It is much better than whiteboard or chalkboard. This Smart Drawing board is made of high-quality materials with no harm to the human skin and eyes. Being one of the best desk accessories, this will change your life for the better!



 Portable Smart LCD Writing Tablet-$19.95

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