Top 10 Coolest Light Decorations to Have in 2018

Undeniably, lights are very important part of house decoration since its design, look, brightness and color can respectively give you and your guests positive or negative impressions. Without any exception, lights are must have furniture of every room. We have enlisted top ten the best and cheapest lighting ideas and products to fill every room in your house with positive energy and atmosphere.


Cosmos Lights Projector

With this mini DIY Cosmos Lights Projector you can make your room shine like the real stars! By putting little and enjoyable effort you make your projector by putting the pieces together. Easy to create, you will enjoy every star light in your room.



Cosmos Lights Projector – $19.90

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Galaxy 3D Lamp

Galaxy 3D Lamp’s detailed stitching patterns and colorful lights fit into every part of your house and make it cooler and more beautiful. You can switch the color of your galaxy with remote controller. In addition to its waterproof and safety side, Galaxy 3D Lamp threads, fabric, and aluminum alloy make it durable and long lasting.



Galaxy 3D Lamp – $34.99

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Decorative LED Night Light

Warm and bright colors will catch your guests attentions immediately. It is one of, if not the, best decor choices for occasions like wedding, birthdays, parties. Moreover, it is trend choice for video blogging backgrounds to catch attention of viewers. Decorative LED Night Light is both good present and ideal for everyday home decor for yourself.



Decorative LED Night Light – $8.54 – $22.95

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LED Lamp for Bedroom

This lamp’s cool and unique mushroom design will look so lovely when plugged in. Unlike any other standard bulbs, LED Lamp for Bedroom saves 90% of the energy and protects environment, and saves your money. In addition, it automatically turns on and off when your room is dark or bright. It can be used perfectly in any room in your house, and we guarantee, once you use it, it will be indispensable part of your room decoration.



LED Lamp for Bedroom – $19.95

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Glow In The Dark Stars Stickers

Decorate your room to feel like you are underneath the stars. Glow In The Dark Stars Stickers will make your room has a realistic view of stars. It is easy to apply and easy to remove without any damage to wall. Remember, for seeing shining stars, you need you turn the light off.



Glow In The Dark Stars Stickers – $12.97

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LED Silicone Cat Night Lamp

Lovely LED Silicone Cat Night Lamp is a must have lamp for cat lovers. Hand-held size and silicone design make it comfortable for replacement. It is easy and safe to keep clean, wipe off and sanitize.



LED Silicone Cat Night Lamp – $32.95

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Cinema Lightbox

Everyday put your motivational quotes, words, or thoughts in this Cinema Lightbox. With its theater theme, It is one of the best decor lights to have by your side: when you make up in the morning you fill yourself with motivation with delivered messages on the light box. In addition, it is a good gift to give to your loved ones, and it is an ideal background attention grabber decor four your blogs.



Cinema Lightbox – $29.99 – $35.99

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Cute Butterfly LED Decor

With these cute butterfly patterns, you will make your room more beautiful. This light decoration is the best choice for every room in your house and it can perfectly fit with every design: children’s room, kitchen, corridor, entrance, so on and so forth.



Cute Butterfly LED Decor – $9.99

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LED Moon Lamp Night Lighs

With its fancy and gorgeous look, LED Moon Lamp Night Lights is one of the best gifts to give to for astronomy lovers. Its perfect and realistic design will create astronomic and mysterious atmosphere in your room. Comes in grey, white, and yellow, and different sizes, you can put them wherever you want.



LED Moon Lamp Night Light – $36.99

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Bed LED Light

Comes in two colors and three lengths, it is trend light decoration nowadays. You can install wherever you please: all kinds of furniture, house walls, and etc. Due to its timer function, it automatically turns off and on when it “senses” darkness or brightness. Bed LED Light is very safe and economic since it saves energy by its automatic feature.



Bed LED Light – $19.99 – $29.99

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