Top Christmas Gifts and Xmas Presents for 2021

christmas gifts

Christmas is coming, and there are few days left. Like most of us, you may have no idea what to present to your significant others. There are countless Xmas presents ideas out there, but you are not sure what to choose, right? Fortunately, in MEXTEN, gift ideas are chosen for you, so you do not waste your time while searching. These presented products are not in the land-based markets or malls. Thus, the gifts you choose from the list is unique. I have also funneled the Christmas gifts for you. In this article, I share some of them with you. Also, these products are in discounted with tremendous amount. Merry Christmas and enjoy!

Christmas Gifts for Children

In this section, I have chosen 2 gifts that will amaze and surprise your children or siblings in the New Year eve.

Remote Control Princess Doll

Looking for a great gift for your daughter or grandchildren? The stunning design, incredible colors offer your child endless hours of fun! It has a simple operation: After the boot, it plays with the children. Also, it is more beautiful to play at night. With this pretty angel doll, peace, love and beautiful feelings embrace your little princess! Delicate craft, beautiful flashlights, peaceful music, and so much more to have your girl feel the love! For more information about the product, you can click the GIF






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Soccer Shooting Coin Bank

This is not only a coin bank but also an interesting toy. When you put a coin in the little holder – the player realizes it’s time to score an amazing goal, runs up to your coin and kicks it into the goal. After scoring the goal, the player will return to his starting point, cheering with his hands in the air. With this toy, the children will save money while entertaining themselves. For more about the features, you can click the GIF below.


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Cute Warm Comfy Pets Hoodie

Your kids will stay warm and cozy the fun way with Warm Comfy Pets Hoodie! Pets Hoodie is the fun, new pet that’s also a super warm and soft hoodie! It stores as a pet but opens up to an ultra-soft and super warm oversized hoodie! The pet folds magically into the hood and zips securely inside! Perfect for when your kids are playing outside or lounging around the house.


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Christmas Gifts for Pet Owners

As you may guess, pet owners treat their pets as their children: they are treated as the part of the family. Thus, below presented gift is a great choice for per owners and pets themselves!


Fat Cat Backpack

Fat Cat Backpack is a wonderful and convenient carrier when you are to take your pet shopping but also want free hands without people stepping on them, and also comfortable for pets who are afraid to walk on crowded streets. Even larger “big-boned” cats, 2 medium-sized cats (yes, you can fit two fur babies), or lots of kittens! For more information about the features, click the photo below!




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Christmas Gifts for HIM and HER

Below presented gifts are great ideas for both gender. You will surprise your significant others with these Christmas gifts.

Engraved Basketball as Christmas gifts

This engraved basketball is perfect! A gift that he will treasure for a lifetime! This is a beautiful basketball with a meaningful message engraved on the ball which helps it last forever. This gift is an ideal choice for a basketball lovers.




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3D Portable Universal Screen Amplifier

The genius telescopic design makes it is to lock the light source and improve the brightness of the picture, preventing reflection of light. The The phone magnifier can enlarge 3 – 5 times of the phone screen and provide clear, dynamic and HD images, providing excellent watching experience. This is one of the best Christmas gifts to give your loved ones! For more about the features, click the GIF below.




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Winter Lazy Quilt

From now on, you can play with your cell phone and computer in bed because this item will be your intimate companion whenever you want to play games, reading, surfing on the Internet, watching TV,  or traveling. With its attached thick sleeves, you can enjoy feeling warm and cozy while leisurely enjoying the things you always do without worrying about the cold wind getting into the quilt.


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Christmas Gifts for New Year Eve!

New Year eve is very special. We meet with our old friends, decorate Christmas tree, wear our Santa Claus designed sweaters and more. The products I will present below, will definitely put you in exciting Christmas mood. These products are also ideal to give your loved ones before the New Year. So, they can join your Xmas eve excitement!

LED Christmas Beanies

There is a small LED light powered by button battery in the Christmas elements of each hat, you just need to push it lightly and will emit colorful light. This winter warmer LED knit hats can fit a wide range of head sizes for most kids, men, women with high elastic. Beautiful and stylish design, soft and comfortable fabric, make this knitting an ideal choice for Christmas gifts.





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Boxes for Christmas Gifts

You have chosen your gift to present in the Christmas Day. Now, it is time to package them!


Christmas DIY Surprise Box

Are you worried the gifts can’t express your heart? Our Christmas Surprise Box is your ideal choice. Built-in more than 10 kinds of parts to write and record the happy memories between you and your loved ones. Make your lover feel your hot heart from your warm fingertip.




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Christmas Drawstring Gift Bag

Our drawstring gift bag set can save you from boring and tediousness! Christmas Drawstring Gift Bag is a gift bag for you to organize well all your presents for family and friends. You can put toys, candy, cookies and more into it! This product has EASIER GIFT WRAPPING feature. There is no need to cut and use gift wrappers (plastics or papers) as this drawstring bag simplifies your wrapping tasks. 





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